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Been a while guys, but just blame life like I am June 9, 2011

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Stuff like end of college, and the Translator actually having a job got in the way, but thankfully we’re back with GoGoV 7. Expect some more releases this month 🙂


Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoV episode 7


.ass http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TQ6L5VHK

AVI http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T3FVL739

MKV http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2660D0EM


1. micehell - June 9, 2011

Wow, thanks for getting this done in the face of all those RL concerns! 😀

2. Aldrato - June 9, 2011

great, thank you

sgtkira - June 9, 2011

No prob. Happy you’re liking the releases 🙂

3. David Grande - June 9, 2011

are you gonna do more kakuranger?

4. Andrew Fulton - June 9, 2011

no episode 6?

Andrew Fulton - June 9, 2011

Nevermind I found it

5. jerry - June 10, 2011

if only u guys take up on Kakuranger as well…

6. ken - June 10, 2011

Thanks you very much!
Can i translate your sub into my language?

7. sgtkira - June 11, 2011

@David Grande

We sure do. It’s just been hard for us to release anything as of late. I say that you should expect another one in a month (30 days) or less.

@Andrew Fulton

Happy you found it 🙂


Well, we actually are going to focus on Kaku a little bit more than GoGo this upcoming month, just to get 2-3 more out. See, we have a different timer for Kaku, and we rely on him for releases. And we got a really good guy recently who timed GoGo quickly, but the Translator has been busy, so that hasn’t been looked at as soon as it should have. So, we will get farther with Kaku, but it won’t start being REALLY fast until mid-way through the series. Then they should be coming out weekly or bi-weekly.


What is your language? If you know your language fluently enough, then you can help us if you’d like (but message me though, please don’t do it without consulting us first).

8. ken - June 11, 2011

I am a Vietnamese. I don’t know Japanese and my English is not good but I still want to translate it because I love Super Sentai. I promise to preserve your credit.
You can contact to me by yahoo: night_2109

sgtkira - June 12, 2011

I’ll just talk to you about it here. As long as you can get the English to flow well into Vietnamese and you credit us fully, then I wouldn’t mind you taking our subs and translating them for Vietnamese fans. I want to let you know that we are going to be doing v2’s of our GoGo subs as well as our Zubat subs. So you may not want to pick up those as of yet, but take any other’s you want, as long as you make a reference that we did the english version.

ken - June 13, 2011

Thanks you very much!!!

9. zyu92 - June 14, 2011

Just out of interest, what will be different about the v2’s you mentioned? oh and thankyou for the gogo v subs, and i’m really looking forward to more Kakuranger.

sgtkira - June 14, 2011

Nothing major. Making kyuukyuuu mean rescue (as it does), and fixing any little grammar mistakes that may have went over my head. Nothing that you can’t overlook if you’ve seen it, and if you haven’t, then you could still watch anyway. Nothing that will screw with your viewing experience.

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