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Return of Ultraman 5! August 26, 2011

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Hello again. We have another RoU today, and I hope you guys enjoy it.  Nothing else to really say (I’ve said all I could in the last 2 posts). I’ll try and get some more stuff out in the next few days, so enjoy!

.ass http://www.multiupload.com/1TR4G33HB8

MKV soft  http://www.multiupload.com/17IMQCS2JD

AVI hard http://www.multiupload.com/AE4I4GCXG5


1. Ultraman Hyena - August 26, 2011

Many thanks again for all of your efforts!

2. Mister Pootles - August 29, 2011

Not wanting to be rude, but is all this talk of “secret projects” in recent posts supposed to sound… i dunno, cool or exciting or something?

I’m probably not the only one who rolls his eyes when fansubbers talk that way. To me it ways “We’re gonna take on a ton of stuff, then disappear!”

I mean, Hi no Tori started out great, now they’re regularly starting “new” projects based on scripts by Deadfish, Supornova and… well, you. And they’re not releasing the nextr episode of the show I’d like them to carry on with.

Beware, babies, subbing groups have a lot of different ways to die, and doing too much random bullshit is definitely one of them.

sgtkira - August 29, 2011

Your concerns are legitimate. However, if you have read all of my other responses to other people who always ask (but I understand if you haven’t) then you’ll know that we have a nice amount of translators working with us, and there is a long story behind why we have an abundance of scripts at our disposal (it’ll be explained when we can actually get some episodes out for something). And the reason why scripts have dried up for everything other than Ultraman is because one translator is on vacation, but is coming back soon (so expect releases for some stuff relatively soon), and the lack of Gaia and Zubat is because of the fact that one of our translator who posts those on her blog is a translator in real life and has her life on top of that.

And I am actually quite sorry that HnT actually make you worried about other groups. I’m sorry about that, but hopefully we’ll be able to show you that shows can actually be started and finished in a timely manner. Also be aware that Deadfish never intended to complete anything. The only thing that they have ever seemed close to finishing (and this one is recent) is Changeman.

My main point is that we’re not going to die unless all our translation staff just up and leaves us. And not only have I got to know them, but if that were the case then it wouldn’t really matter what we picked up and finished at this point since they would be gone either way. We have a dedicated staff, and they will definitely help us finish up what we have released under them. Also, if you’d like to help us with our subs in any way, you can do that as well (we’d love to have you on our staff).

3. Mr Pootles (somewhat humbled version) - August 29, 2011

Well now… that’s fair enough. And I appreciate the reasonable tone although you obviously feel like clocking me one. Which is also fair enough.

HnT make me worry about them more than other groups, tbh… I really want them to not suck, and I feel like they’re starting to, so maybe I came off a bit harsh.

Also I thought Deadfish completed Robot Detective and HnT were polishing his version as a joint…?

I would volunteer to join in a flash if I thought I could be remotely useful, but all I can offer is a black belt in grammar and my towering disdain for American English, so I have no illusions there.

But anyway, nice to be reassured about your future because you guys sub some excellent shit.

sgtkira - August 29, 2011

Nah it’s cool man. I just wanted to make sure that you (and others) are aware that the group isn’t just 2 guys anymore. Sure, 5-6 doesn’t make it THAT much better lol But we have more translators working on things, so there will be more scripts, at the least.

And yeah…HnT is…well let me not lash out at them and their subs (I have a very harsh opinion about them), I’ll just let our releases in the next few months speak for themselves, really 🙂

Wow, I completely forgot about their Robot Detective (AND I LOVE THAT SHOW), but yeah it’s one show they’ve completed, but booji (only guy in that group) never really set out to complete a show in the first place. When he first started releasing eps he just wanted to give people a taste/feel of the show, for fear that no one else would do them. Although he did finish that one show and is close to Changeman, so he’s awesome, but I personally can’t compare him to us or any other group out there (nothing against him, cause he’s cool, but he didn’t start out doing shows like many other groups do, hence 15 shows have been started and 1 is complete lol)

You could be a timer. It’s the easiest thing in the world. I am a freak when it comes to editing (it’s one of the things I LOVE to do myself), but anyone can time since it’s the easiest thing in the world. Once you’re taught a bit about it it’s a lot easier than one would imagine. You don’t have to (obviously), just putting it out there that it’s easy, and something we could use.

And thanks, I like what we sub too lol

4. Stanley - September 5, 2011

Continue your work
It’s Fantastic

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