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Reposting Da Garn AVI encodes for 2, 3, and 6. Also, read onward if any of you guys have Toku DVDs! September 30, 2011

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I heard that the audio couldn’t be heard on these,  so Kilowog (awesome dude in MCS) re-encoded them for you guys. Expect some awesome stuff on Sunday, by the way. Some new stuff!

And I’m asking about Toku DVDs because we are in need of DVD RAWs for all of our shows. The need isn’t so high that we are going to stop subbing just to get them, but we want to give all of you the best quality we can, and it would be best to continue the shows with these DVD RAWs instead of giving all of you v2’s later (less to re-encode, basically). So if any of you have legit DVDs from Japan for any of the shows we are doing currently, please message us about them, and I will tell you how to rip and upload them for us (and if you know how to do that, then ever better!)

Episode 2 http://www.multiupload.com/GME4QV1P4P

Episode 3 http://www.multiupload.com/ERWE5NYV2V

Episode 6 http://www.multiupload.com/PZBFD7FJ93


1. Lars - October 1, 2011

check http://www.asiandvdclub.org for tokusatsu dvd iso 🙂

sgtkira - October 1, 2011

Actually, that is a good site that we’ve been using! But a lot of stuff we need isn’t there ^^ And the quality of some of the Sentai posted there is DVD5 not DVD9, which means that it has been compressed from around 9 gigs to around 5 gigs. So, while I would use it if the alternative is a crappy TV RAW, I won’t use it if the rips we’re using are DVD rips anyway (I just want DVD9’s because I know the encoders that work with us, and I don’t know who may have ripped a DVD and posted it on some random site).

2. Lars - October 4, 2011

I have some japanese R2 dvd, but none of them is complete. I can offer you those if need.

I have: Gaoranger dvd 1 2
Kamen Rider Kuuga dvd 1
Sailor moon Live action dvd 1 to 3
Bioman (Complete French/Jap edition, but R2 masters)
Sharivan (Same as Bioman)
Uchu Kara no message (Same as Bioman)

3. Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - October 4, 2011

Da Garn 2 has no subs

sgtkira - October 4, 2011

I’ll make sure to mention that to the encoder ^^”

Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - October 4, 2011

please and thank you

sgtkira - October 4, 2011

I did, we should have a new one out today or tomorrow.

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