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Life sucks, and all of you should stop yourselves from having one October 13, 2011

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

Life has kept on stopping releases for this week. So I am not going to guarantee ANYTHING other than Sunday being our release day. However, we will have some kinda cool stuff out on Sunday as well, so that’s good too.


1. jai009 - October 13, 2011

Don’t sweat it. It happens to everybody. Thanks for everything.

sgtkira - October 13, 2011

I’m happy that we have understanding fans! :O

2. Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - October 13, 2011

And I thought my life was the only one that was a cast-iron bitch

toumakaito3 - October 13, 2011

Yeah, things have been kinda busy for all of us. I work at a pharmacy, and it’s gotten busier as usual.

I’m still plugging away at RoU though, currently working on eps 12 and 13. Scripts for the others are turned in, waiting for us to have time to edit and input them into the eps…

sgtkira - October 13, 2011

(our translator by the way guys)

sgtkira - October 13, 2011

You are (not) alone. And it should get better next week when a few assignments I owe are out of the way.

3. Pootle - October 13, 2011

Having a life is definitely more stressful than being a fulltime shut-in. But as a fulltime shut-in, I can honestly say that a busy week in a pharmacy sounds impossible to cope with, whereas the only problem a person with a life would have coping with my week was if they didn’t like Hello!Project or 70s anime…..

Anyways, here’s hoping next week is pure fluffy bunnies all the way.

4. Zer-O - October 13, 2011

good things come to those who wait so don’t sweat it

sgtkira - October 13, 2011

I like that phrase. I like you. You’re cool 😛

5. Peacemouse - October 13, 2011

Yeah, the whole life thing has a way of making sure you notice it’s in charge. Every time I think I can safely say I’m the boss of it, I fall flat on my face. Mostly, it’s best to listen when it makes its presence too obvious.

Thanks for your excellent work, you spoil us as it is!

sgtkira - October 13, 2011

Oh if you think you’re being spoiled now…actually, let’s not ruin it 😛 (take that phrase as you like)

6. Ultrakyodai - October 17, 2011

will you release anything ?

sgtkira - October 17, 2011

Why yes we will!

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