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[MC-HS] Da Garn 14 is out! October 27, 2011

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What. Was. Japan. Thinking. With this ep. And people try and say fanservice is only in newer shows 😛 Anywho, it was a very funny ep that everyone can relate too (first dates/first “love”, anyone?) and I think all of you would enjoy it!


.ass http://www.multiupload.com/ZH5XX5R5Y8

AVI hard http://www.multiupload.com/4MCSOTN0OT

MKV soft http://www.multiupload.com/ULCPQOZ7N0


1. Kou - October 27, 2011

I’ve always liked the fact that the characters in the show (Seiji included) all seem more unnerved than anything by Pink’s outfit.

sgtkira - October 27, 2011

haha yeah, as I was working on it I was noticing people in the background (seeing a scene several times can make you notice things :P), I laughed at the looks on their faces. Also, this is the translator for Da Garn, Zubat, and Gaia~ (so praise her). And stay right there Kou, gonna throw Shaider and Winspector at you to see if you like those 😛

Grant - October 27, 2011

Winspector?! Does that mean you are going to sub that series too? You’re awesome! Now if we could just get GoGoV 10 I could burn me a DVD. 😉

sgtkira - October 27, 2011

No no no no no. I have some incomplete scripts that I need a translator to look over. The most I’d be able to release is the promo. So I can’t really do anything unless a translator strolls along for either Winspector, Dyna, or Shaider 😦 Also, our TL either needs to get less busy, or another can come along to help and he’ll just end up being the checker. Either way it’s gonna take a while for more GoGo 😦

2. Zer-O - October 27, 2011

great to see another episode out, hey I was curious any chance you guys would pick up might gaine or dagwon since dagwon was dropped by anime classic and waiting for nyoron to get episode SIX out is like waiting for a church ceiling mural to dry

sgtkira - October 28, 2011

Not unless a translator comes up and helps us with it (I don’t think any of our staff would be interested, sorry). Now if you know anybody then that would be a different story hehe

Zer-O - October 28, 2011

the english TL for onmitsu subs who pointed me to you guys might be interested but then again I’m not really sure, ehehe well thanks for answering my question atleast I can watch one other brave saga title that I haven’t seen yet

sgtkira - October 28, 2011

If you email me his info or maybe direct him to us then I would gladly do it 🙂 It just depends if he is willing to, and you mentioned that one group is still doing it, so I would wait a while for them to try and release one.

Zer-O - October 28, 2011

that I did, but they haven’t released an episode of Might Gaine since gundam 00 was still airing on TV for the first time, as for the guy I mentioned you should be able to find him here

3. Andrew Fulton - October 28, 2011

for some reason the sound doesn’t work on mine. I d/led the avi hard sub and never had that problem before. All in all though i’m enjoying da garn so keep up the great work

sgtkira - October 28, 2011

Well that sounds quite strange. I will check it when I can. Thanks.

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