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[H-SHT!] Youkai Watch trailer! November 15, 2011

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About Youkai Watch. Before anyone goes “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS SHOW AND NOT THE SHOW I WANT”. Well, Yelling Voice in my head, do not be alarmed by this show. It’s being done as a joint, and there’s not even a confirmed air date yet.  It was released at Level 5 World, which is an annual convention dedicated to stuff that Level 5 makes. Level 5 makes anime first and then the game afterwards. The air date hasn’t been confirmed so we assume it’ll air in the spring (because of when the trailer was shown), but it can easily start up in the summer as well. So you won’t even have to look at it till then! (unless you really wanna see it…like we do…then fuck)

Here’s a link to their tumblr http://superherotime.tumblr.com/

And here is the trailer!

MKV ddl http://www.multiupload.com/ZJP1R3Y4GC

MKV torrent http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=260376


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