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Jushi Sentai France Five episode 1 promo December 11, 2011

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Let’s see, where do I begin. No Da Garn till Wednesday because of a mix of Finals and unexpected babysitting (long story short, my life may be turning into a sitcom, but thankfully there’s no laugh track). However, we do have this awesome promo out!

Okay, so, apparently the first 3 episodes for France Five exist in DVD quality (who fuckin’ knew?! I sure as hell didn’t!) and we have some promos that we’re going to release before we v2 1-3 again, and do ep 4. Why are we v2’ing 1-3? Not JUST because of the better quality RAWs, but because we have the amazing translator, Zetta, to help us out. He does some work for MCS, and he actually knows French too! Zetta’s a busy guy so he can’t finish the rest right away, but he will finish them, and I believe he gets out of school soon just like I am. So, yeah, expect some France Five for the next few weeks!

Only an MKV since it’s just a promo



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