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And it’s our 1 year Anniversary (at some point, think I missed it!) December 26, 2011

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Okay, so, we’ve been actively subbing for a year now. No real stops in releases (although a few hiccups along the way).

Now, what can I promise you this year? If everyone is still alive by the end of it, then I can promise two completed shows. Do I know which shows? Hell no, but I can tell you that two shows will be finished. I know I’ve promised a lot in the past, and it has been more out of excitement (and then saddened when things didn’t go according to plan), but this time things will go according to plan! (Unless death, or something.)


1. 鋏ジャガー - December 26, 2011

Congratulations on your first anniversary. This has been a banner year for Tokusatsu fansubbing, and you guys are one of the reasons for this pleasant turn of events. Thanks for everything so far and for all of the wonderful things to come in what I’m sure will be an even better year for the Hikari Senshi-tachi.

2. Benjamin Salario (@Kelleth1989) - December 27, 2011

Congrats on the 1st year anniversary. Thank you for all the subs and I hope you guys with have lots of more years to come and release allot more 🙂

Also I hope that you saw my comments on HJU . France Five Episode 5 will be out in March 😀

3. Mr Pootles - December 27, 2011

I agree with Mr Squiggly Foreign Writing! You fellows are jolly, jolly good… in fact, you’re bally well topping!

PS, We’ll have none of that shuffling off this mortal coil nonsense, either, there’s a good egg.

PPS, Happy New Year!

4. chouchoustephie - December 27, 2011

Haha, so….

5. fee ting - December 28, 2011

just give us Kakuranger and everything can be forfeited..hehehe

sgtkira - December 30, 2011


6. Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - December 29, 2011

I’m in total agreement with the gentleman/gentlewoman above me. We need some more Ninja Ninja action

sgtkira - December 30, 2011

Damn straight we do.

7. jonathan - December 30, 2011

see! everyone is craving for Kakuranger! u guys should concentrate on this rather than garo, da-garn or whatever funny stuffs

sgtkira - December 30, 2011

Okay, I don’t want to sound like an ass, but that’s not really how subbing works with us ^^”

1. We aren’t doing Garo, and we’re jointing Da-Garn with MCS, and the translations aren’t even ours. A friend of ours puts her translations on her blog so
2. Our Kaku and GoGo translator has been busy because of school, but thankfully he’s off now, so there should be more eps coming up for both.
3. I do understand that it may look like “Oh this is taking away from this”, but we do have a few translators working with us, so you can’t exactly say “this isn’t being worked on because you’re doing this” unless scripts are piling up and they need my editing (has happened a few times, but not that often, thankfully)

8. Ultraman fanZ - December 30, 2011

Can you sub Ultraman Zero: Killer the beat star stage 1 & 2 ? It’s a good Ultraman side movie

sgtkira - January 2, 2012

It all depends on if GUIS is doing it or not lol Touma (Jack TL) is interested in the movie, but I would rather not do something that GUIS will most likely take care of.

9. Jack - December 31, 2011

Do ultraman Dyna :D:D You guys are still searching for translators?

sgtkira - January 2, 2012

Sorta-ish-ly kinda. Hard to explain 😛 We could still use some TL help on it though!

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