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Random Astro Boy Question April 2, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

This is going to be very off topic for the blog, but I want to ask a question to any Astro Boy fans out there.

I am trying to get into the different series, and I want to watch the 1980’s version. I found a torrent that, for some reason, uses the US DVDs, but has Japanese audio and English subs on them. I heard that in the US they were dub only. Were they released with English subs someone else in the world? (UK or somethng) Basically, I’m wondering if these subs are HK-like and deserve a check, or they can be bought by someone, or if they’re an actual fansub.

Also, are there any RAWs of the original series on the internet in Japanese? Do any of you guys own the original DVDs (or the ones for the 1980 series) in Japanese? Things like this would help a lot as well. It seems like the only subs I have found for the first 2 Japanese eps of the original are hardsubbed (1980’s version).

I do know that the newer US sets for the first series have a few Japanese eps with English subs on them, but I am wondering about the series as a whole.

Thank you guys, and I think I know where we’re going to upload next. Not gonna say any names, because that site can easily go under too D: So we’re gonna wait it out for a bit and then  proceed to upload the fuck out of our stuff.


1. Z-Ero - April 3, 2012


Too bad, looks like your local google needs a repair. ggrks.

sgtkira - April 3, 2012

Changing your username doesn’t mean you’re aren’t the same troll from last time 😀 (ie. watch the attitude)

Although I do have to thank you for the link. If you check on Amazon or Ebay they only list the English audio, and a few other sites did as well. Thankfully this was a more comprehensive view of the boxset. Going to trust that these subs were well done then (although I did here that the English boxset still has the 2 eps that were combined into 1, but hey what are you gonna do).

2. Z-Ero - April 3, 2012


sgtkira - April 3, 2012

Brilliant remark. I just told you I did. The sites I went to were giving me different answers, so I was wondering if anyone had it themselves 😀 Also, I had to google the remark you just made as well. Not sure why you’d want me to look at Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, but okay! D:

3. Auvers - April 8, 2012

Would you be willing to try the 03 series???? : 3

sgtkira - April 8, 2012

We might. Depends on if I can find a TL checker, and a Translator for the second half of the series. Might have one, but I’m still looking.

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