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[MBS] Gavan Promo w/ 1-5, [MC-HS] Da Garn 24, [Aesir_H-S] Bouken 1-2 w/ DVD extras, [H-S] Kaku promos & some older stuff again! April 8, 2012

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First things first. We are re-uploading a lot of our links. The old links aren’t dead, exactly, but you can’t access them. So they might as well be dead 😛 We have too many things to list right now XD I suggest looking at the Downloads Page in a couple of minutes!

Now, onto the cool new stuff. We have Gavan 1-5 out! Jointing it with Bunny Hat and MCS. These guys are amazing, and I’m happy to be working with them! We have another project that we’re working with them on, Da Garn, out today as well.

We have a lot of Bouken related things out for you guys today, but before we mention what, let us mention that we have the DVDs! Yes! A great friend of ours named cryax has lent us his ISOs to make some awesome encodes. Just in case anyone doesn’t know how we do our Bouken, we have two tracks for people who either enjoy the show being TL’ed as “Driveforce Advenger” or for the “GoGo Sentai Boukenger” crowd. Please note that both versions have key terms translated, or not translated. We provide scripts and AVIs for both versions, and the MKV allows people to switch to either version they want. There shouldn’t be any complaints, but know that if you want some middle ground that we have provided the scripts for you to make changes yourself 🙂 The only thing that will have the  Boukenger only script will be the press release since they explain how they came up with the name “Boukenger”.

Some semi-epic Kaku news! We are now using the DVD ISOs we have for 1-11. Sadly I was unable to get the last few things done in 1-3 (we’re changing them up a lot), because the TL was busy. But he should be back soon, and we’ll be able to work on them when I come back home in 3 days. So only the AVI for Da Garn is up. The AVIs for the rest are coming soon. Gavan is 10-bit because our encoder wanted it as such (he was able to snag the DVDs and wanted to make them look the best they could), but everyone should be able to download it if they have their codecs updated.

Gavan Promo & 1-5


1 .ass, MKV

2 .ass, MKV

3 .ass, MKV

4 .ass, MKV (1 more hour!)

5 .ass, MKV

Torrent for all 5!

Patch (in case people already have the RAW)

Da Garn 24

AVI hard

MKV soft

Boukenger stuff

Promo: Advenger .ass, Boukenger . ass, MKV soft

Debut Premiere Announcement Advenger .ass, Boukenger .ass, MKV soft

Press Release .ass, MKV soft

1 Advenger .ass, Boukenger .ass, MKV soft

2 Advenger .ass, Boukenger .ass, MKV soft

Kaku Promos

Kaku 00

Kaku 00Dai

Kaku PV 01


1. sgtkira - April 9, 2012

And Kilo from MCS wanted me to acknowledge the Zaido joke (HAHA). Would like to mention that if someone finds us more RAWs that sick, sick joke might actually become a reality :3

2. Chris - April 9, 2012

Awesome i can’t wait to have the avi version of bokenger in DVD Version^^

sgtkira - April 9, 2012


3. raymond - April 9, 2012

hopefully Kakuranger will march forward! i love Kakuranger!

sgtkira - April 9, 2012

I can definitely say the first 3 will be released, but we need to get on with translating ep 4 D:

4. Zer-O - April 9, 2012

always great to see an update from you guys, which honestly makes my week a little better when it comes to fan subbing groups, unlike two other groups -_- eheh oh well new da garn is up so I’m happy

sgtkira - April 9, 2012

Yeah, be happy! Not sad D:

Zer-O - April 10, 2012

yeah I’ll try to be but its still irking me that after getting his act together lolfang or however his nickname is, is dropping might gaine, geeh maybe I should’ve bleed my eyes out and watch that horrible engrish sub from that group in china….

5. 鋏ジャガー - April 9, 2012

Boukenger DVD extras, hot damn! I never thought anyone would have the desire to sub them, so this is a truly awesome development. I’m sure timing the group discussions wil be grueling, but they’re totally worth it, so best of luck with them.

TL;DR version: Thanks!

sgtkira - April 10, 2012

Yeah I really wanted to do these the second we got the DVDs. Not sure how Magenta feels about them 😡 Thankfully we got through the hard stuff, because while the GoGo Talks are gonna be hard to time, the Japanese subs are right there on the screen. So that should be a lot better than hearing the press conference.

6. Grant - April 9, 2012

Hi, I appreciate all you’ve done but would you mind releasing the hardsub of Zubat 10?

sgtkira - April 10, 2012

We’re reuploading a lot of things. We should be able to get that up sooner than later, but it’s hard since we have to literally reupload everything D: It will come though!

7. Gentarou - April 12, 2012

Hi, how come you don’t release ultraman gaia in the last 3 months?
Please release it again

toumakaito3 - April 12, 2012

Hello, please see our Status page, it’s one of the tabs on the top along with Staff page and About pages. To answer your question though, the TLer, Kou, is VERY busy, plus she does other projects.

8. CHRIS - July 29, 2012

Can someone re-up the .ass files for Gavan? The new film is coming out and I feel that a lot of people will want to watch the old Gavan.

Planning on making a new torrent to seed episodes 1-5.

Is any translation group working on the rest of the series?

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