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Got some more stuff reuploaded! April 14, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

We got some Zubat, and a bunch of .ass files back up. We’ll be reuploading more stuff throughout the week, it’s just been rough because we’re going to start uploading our files elsewhere since we want the best for you guys, and apparently the site we’re uploading to now only allows one download per day. And HAH to that. So I think I know what site we’re going to use from now on.

Also, we should have something out by tomorrow. Not really sure. Right now it’s at 80% yes.


1. Zer-O - April 14, 2012

have fun reuploading stuff, and i can’t wait for your next release, especially since it looks like your group is the only group I’ve seen so far that’s subbing some of the toku you have been subbing and so far the only group right now subbing A brave saga anime, since /m/ subs translater for goldran has been awal for the last few years

sgtkira - April 16, 2012

Thanks 🙂 And, yeah, we TRY to go for things that others haven’t. We do end up doing some shows other groups have done, but I feel that we bring something completely different to the table, so another audience can enjoy it.

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