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[MC-HS] Da Garn 25 & some reuploads. April 22, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

Here’s a new ep of Da Garn. Really liking this show, and I hope you guys do too. Only one ep this week, but I think next week is gonna look a bit cooler.

Basically, anything in the downloads section has been reuploaded, but to name a few things: some Dai, Zubat, some Bouken, all of Daitesujin-17, all of Goggle-V, a few specials, and that’s it for now. Going to try and upload as best as I can this week, but sadly jumbofiles doesn’t have an ftp and it’s a lot more time consuming having to sit around and upload rather than dumping everything and walking away to do other things.

Oh, and we are looking for some encoders as well. Someone who can work with “dot crawling” and “stair stepping”. See, these words mean shit to me, but to a good encoder who can work with the words I just threw out, they mean something! And we need you!

Da Garn 25

.ass http://www.mediafire.com/?r3sc0zwm2c0obus

AVI hard jumbofiles.com/ree0nm9wj712

MKV soft http://jumbofiles.com/4ivk5e9q338d


1. Chris - April 23, 2012

Cool only one episode and i have all the épisodes of Zubat in AVI. Any news about the AVI version of Bokenger?

sgtkira - April 23, 2012

I’ll upload one of them tonight, and the other sometime tomorrow.

Gred - April 23, 2012

I can’t download file. just keep getting linked to “ilivid setup”

sgtkira - April 23, 2012

I’m not really sure why. The file works for me.

2. Zer-O - April 23, 2012

always great to see a new episode can’t wait for more of da garn

3. Chris - April 24, 2012

Just watched the quality of Driveforce ranger 1 to see what i can expect for the version with the japanse term….that’s just….beautiful…

sgtkira - April 26, 2012

heh I love what Magenta did with the terms. And I love that we have both versions as well 🙂

Chris - April 27, 2012

Agree it’s a good idea.

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