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Reasons why things haven’t come out and why I’ve been away June 20, 2012

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In one word: Life. You ever have that feeling that everything is crashing down around you? No? You are a lucky son of a bitch then, you are. I don’t want to sit here and rant about shit, because some of you don’t care and I’m not trying to get anyone to play the world’s smallest violin or anything. It’s just that life has been punching me in the balls and I just feel like curling up on the couch with some fattening food and watching Scrubs on Netflix. It just sucks (the situation, not Scrubs. Scrubs is awesome.) I haven’t been near subbing materials for a good week. Haven’t even checked emails. I’ve been trying to slowly take baby steps back into this. But it’s okay guys, I’m here now and I’m going to try and get back in the swing of things. If it makes any of you feel better, even though I have been away, that does not mean that all of the translators that we love out there have been away as well. They are still working on whatever they like, and hopefully I will be able to edit whatever they’ve done soon. My epic schedule is suffering, but hopefully I can try and pick things up again and get out some awesome shit. Thanks guys, see ya’ soon!


1. Miller - June 21, 2012

I hope everything gets better for you!!!

2. Zer-O - June 21, 2012

heres hoping everything goes well for you, I can understand the pains of life I quit my old job a few months back because my boss was driving me up the wall and playing favorites so I pretty much got out of there before I went in for work dragging a 20lbs sledge hammer and started swinging it around

3. LM Soo - June 22, 2012

There is one all mighty kaiju called “Life” that can be very unpredictable in its behaviour. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s sucks like hell. If that kaiju is giving you the later, do your best to fight it. We’re all cheering “gambatte!” for you!

4. nekomata - June 22, 2012

hope your life is getting better ^^
I am still waiting for kakuranger patiently 😀

5. Daniel Seelye - June 22, 2012

That sucks some serious donkey (kick to the balls donkey) that that happened to you. Drop kick the cause out into the next solar system and prove to yourself that your balls are indestructible by resuming the posting of the episodes. Anyone that gainsays what you do from that point afterwards should get to experience what you did x15 and attempt to resume your fabulous work. Maybe the blast of humility can work wonders on them.

6. Glyptofane - June 22, 2012

Hang in there, bro. We all love ya.

7. Chris - June 24, 2012

I hope life gets better for you 🙂

8. dragonkaiser - June 24, 2012

im sorry to hear this .hope all goes well .
i hope there will be some new eps soon of da-garn but i can wait for that its one of my favorite series and this group has it subbed thats why im happy for it .so take your time and get well better soon.

9. Grant - June 24, 2012

Just wondering if you had finished the hardsub for GoGoV 11?

10. KaGAmi - June 25, 2012

Look I’m gonna be honest I check your site once a week and if there is no update I just close the window no anger no anything I just close it.
If there is a new Ultraman great I’m happy. If not oh well better luck next time.
Keep doing what you gotta do but you don’t have to make excuses just for the awful people. The ones that matter will always keep checking back.

11. Adrian - June 25, 2012

I believe in you! Channel your Kiryoku and defeat all the opposition! TENSHIN DAAAA!

12. Raiden - June 25, 2012

Hope everything goes well for you 🙂 Take your time 😉

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