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Dairanger reuploaded! And many more~ July 7, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

We’re using a new site now. So we got Dairanger fully reuploaded (gonna split the movie up tonight or tomorrow and upload that), and we also have various other things uploaded as well. Some Zubat, Gaia, Bouken, Goggle-V, and Daitetsujin-17. We’ll just be linking to the folders from now on, so check out any updates there.









1. Chris - July 8, 2012

I don’t know if it’s just me but there is no sound on Go Go Sentai Boukenger Episode 2 AVI a bit after the opening.

sgtkira - July 8, 2012

Yeah it’s you man. I’m watching it now and it’s just fine.

Chris - July 8, 2012

I’m gonna download it again but it’s weird. I have no sound after 3:06 minutes. I knew a videao could be cut if the download freeze but never heard about that XD

sgtkira - July 8, 2012

Sorry, you were right. Since I didn’t have an exact time, I just heard the title and went “Well it’s good then”, but clearly it’s not. I’ll re-encode and upload it to the new site when I get the chance.

2. nekomata - July 10, 2012

i know its a pain in the ass to reupload all the series. Bear with it. I know you can surpass all the problems. XD
Anyhow, any plan in release kakuranger eps 4?

3. DrMaskWolf - July 12, 2012

More Zubat, yes please

4. Thermkitty - July 12, 2012

The new site just killed all of Dairanger. Well, damn.

sgtkira - July 16, 2012

It’s weird, for some reason it works just fine on the downloads page…

jai009 - July 17, 2012

Click “Share this element” icon that’s next to the folder you want to share. Make sure the “Allow the downloading of this element” box is checked. That should make the files in the folder public to all that check the folder.

5. datc - July 13, 2012

please up load the dairanger ass for me

6. Big-O - July 14, 2012

can you re-upload GoGoV? i only caught eps 1 to 3 on youtube… please work on more and Kakuranger too please it’s hilarious!

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