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Okay, so we may be back sooner than I thought, but some bad news July 19, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

First piece of news is that we’ve pretty much lost everything. I’ll make a list in the next release post of what we need, but as of right now it seems like the only things we have are what some friends of mine can pass on, and what’s on the Downloads list (that hasn’t died). The reason why this happened is because my computer went down and my backup drive was filled with enough stuff already (though a good chunk of things were saved, but RAW files). I know what to do so this won’t happen again (unless I just have really shitty luck, or sub ninjas). So thanks for all the support and I’ll keep you posted!

Second is that we aren’t gOing to be able to make AVI hardsubs anymore. It’s way too much work and I have no way of storing them all when I already have to store MKV files and RAWs. We will keep all of our old links up (though they may die), but we will not be doing them for any new subs we release. Very sorry for the inconvenience, but I just can’t do it. Take Geki for example. If I had to encode the whole series, then I wouldn’t even be able to work on other shows (because the encoding process takes up a lot of time). You can easily do it yourself, or if someone wants to step up and put them in the comments section like people do for O-T subs, then I and the fandom would be very grateful.


1. Grant - July 19, 2012

Hope it works out. And yeah I can definitely convert the mkv to avi myself. Just one question: I downloaded GoGoV 11 but I can’t get the subtitles to play. Is this because I need the a$$ file to do that?

2. Michael Lynn Bass Jr - July 20, 2012

^how do u convert with mkv to avi with subs still intact??

3. Chris - July 20, 2012

Happy to see that your problem is mostly fixed.

Anyway can anymone explain me how to make an AVI Hardsubs ?

4. 鋏ジャガー - July 21, 2012

Well, the simplest and most intuitive method that I know to make .avi hardsubs is to use Xvid4PSP, which can be downloaded through here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/XviD4PSP

Basically, you click the black button marked “Open” and select the video, click the “Subtitles” tab at the top, select “add subtitles” and then select the .ass file. Then, click the “Format” button on the left side and select “Avi”. Then click on the “Video encoding” and select a codec(I reccommend Xvid HQ Turbo because the quality is good and it encodes pretty quickly) and then click “Audio Encoding” and select MP3 ABR 128k. Then, click the black, “Encoding” button at the top, and pick your filename and output folder and you’re off to the races.

sgtkira - July 21, 2012

Listen to this guy. This is how I used to make them!

Auvers - July 22, 2012

I’m a bit unclear, is this to hardsub or to convert MKV to AVI/MP4? Or does it do both?

鋏ジャガー - July 22, 2012

Actually, it does both. You can convert any format to AVI/MP4 or whatever else you want, just click the “Format” button and select your preferrred output format from the list that pops up. And you can hardsub any format as well, just add the .ass file like you do when making an .avi hardsub. Just be careful hardsubbing from an MKV source because chances are that the subs will automatically be detected , so preview the video before adding the .ass file to see if the subs are already there(if you have any problems, this is outlined in greater detail further down in the comments for this post).

Auvers - July 23, 2012

also, are there AVI/MP4 raws?

鋏ジャガー - July 23, 2012

Do you mean are there raws available for Hikari-Senshi’s shows, or can you use xvid4psp to make your own raws? You can use it to make your own raws from DVD or Blu-Ray, and I’ll explain it if that’s what you are asking. As far as raws for the Hikari-Senshi shows, you could always just take the .MKV’s, load them into MKV Merge, and in the window below the top window, uncheck the box next to the subtitle track, and click “Start Muxing”, and you have yourself a raw. If you’re looking for the raws that Sgt. Kira uses, you’d have to ask him if they’re still around(which I doubt they are).

5. Big-O - July 21, 2012

is there any way Go Go V subs can be reuploaded? thx

sgtkira - July 21, 2012

New and improved subs will be uploaded with new ones shortly.

6. Chris - July 21, 2012

Ok thanks i’ll try when the boukenger ass or the next release ass will be up.

7. Chris - July 21, 2012

Just tried to do it with over-ti.me timeranger 6 and it worked perfectly. Thanks ^^

鋏ジャガー - July 21, 2012

One thing you should also do is download the Old Sans Black font from http://www.dafont.com and install it, because it’s a non-standard font and practically all of the Hikari-Senshi shows use it. You can tell if your computer doesn’t have it by loading the video and the subs into VLC media player, and the subs will look way too large. If they are normal-sized, then you already have the font installed. I bring this up because I’m running Windows Vista and I had to install it, so there’s a good chance you’ll have to install it as well.

Chris - July 21, 2012

Thanks ^^

I have a small problem. I tried to do the same thing with Gekiranger 1 but look at the subtitle: http://www.casimages.com/img.php?i=12072104011311841310128363.jpg

I don’t know if there is a way to fix that

sgtkira - July 21, 2012

You have to make sure to unmux the scripts from the MKV (using MKV merge), and THEN hardsub the file. You seem to have hardsubbed both sub files at the same time.

鋏ジャガー - July 22, 2012

Actually, the simpler method would be to just not add the .ass file, because Xvid4PSP automatically detected the subtitle track in the .mkv, and adding the .ass file is what caused the problem. You can always check before you encode by pressing the play button below the video window and watching it for a little bit to see if the subs automatically display or not. If they don’t display, add the .ass and play it again to make sure there’s no double trouble.

8. Chris - July 22, 2012

Thanks it worked ^^

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