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[MC-HS] Da Garn 27 & [H-S] Masked Rider J The Making Of! And we need timers! July 22, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in da garn, J, Kamen Rider, Masked Rider.

My computer’s up and running and we’re on the release train again! Working on some Kaku while I write this, after that I’ll start working on some GoGoV and some other miscellaneous scripts I was working on before the computer exploded.

We got Da Garn out because I saw the backlog and wanted to just put this put because it was really long overdue. Not sure when the next one is coming out (I actually need the RAW), but something will be out soon! (Not gonna say so we don’t raise anyone’s hopes). The reason J came out is because I was scrubbing it for a friend so we could watch it together, but it took a lot longer than I thought. Way too fucking long to not just put it out there if anyone wants to watch. The RAW was encoded by BunnyHat, and please check out MegaAnon’s release of J! It was really awesome and I loved watching it.

Also, we do still need some files back. So please look on the post that says what we’re missing. Because having those back would help us out a LOT.

Another very important thing is that we need timers! While that’s not stopping Kaku from being released, it will in the future if we don’t have anyone actually sitting down and helping us time these files. GoGo may be taken care of for now, but having more guys on it can make things run a little smoother for the guy working on it right now. If you want to learn how to time to help a group out, here’s GekiKnight’s tutorial on how to time http://gekiknight.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/hikari-senshi-is-looking-for-timers/

Da Garn 27


MKV http://www.packupload.com/3QKS3IK8VNA
J Making Of

MKV http://www.packupload.com/CR0VBP90E21


1. nekomata - July 22, 2012

thats what i call awesomeness.
Can’t wait for some kakuranger.
Good job.

2. HB - July 22, 2012

Really thank you! I’m a big fan of all the brave series, hopefully one day all series and games will be subbed.

Tell me which raw episodes you need and where to upload them and I’ll do so.

3. HB - July 22, 2012

Well, uploaded 28 to JumboFiles:

http://jumbofiles.com/51r9awux08m4/%5Bアニメ DVD] 伝説の勇者ダ・ガーン 第28話「友達は魔女?!」(VGA XviD110 AC3 2ch).avi.html

If you need more Da Garn raws just tell me.

So there are no excuses now, I want the next sub now ;P.

sgtkira - July 22, 2012

Get me some GoGo RAWs and I’ll start that too 😛 A lot of our RAWs are .mov, so while I can work on them, I can’t mux them for some strange reason. If anyone knows the solution, then please leave a comment. But I can’t make MKV softsubs with these RAWs D:

HB - July 22, 2012

GoGo as in some sentai series? if so, I’m not much into that genre, so I don’t have any raw for it, sorry.
As for the video format, well, I’ve used FFmpeg in the past to convert video from some formats to another, and I know you can definitely use it to convert the raw video to .mov, but I can’t comment on codecs and settings to use, although I guess since you don’t need to change video resolution and bitrate you may not need much else.

sgtkira - July 22, 2012

Yeah GoGoV. And I actually don’t want to convert these AGAIN, because they look meh as it is. Thanks though.

HB - July 22, 2012

Well, afaik, these are the only raws out there. And the subs I’ve seen match these ones (for example, I compared episodes 26 and 27). Also, with the proper settings, reencoding the videos shouldn’t downgrade their quality, but I’ve never delved into audio or video encoding.

4. kudosforce - July 23, 2012

Awesomeness! Da Garn is back and got past the first half! I couldn’t thank you enough (especially the contributor HB). 😀

As for J, I’ve been somewhat interested in that so I’ll make sure to watch M-A’s release.

HB - July 23, 2012

Nothing to thank me for. I just happened to have a file needed, but that’s nothing compared to the effor MC and HS does. Also, as a reminder, sgtkira, if you need more Da Garn raws, do not hesitate to tell me, so I can upload the files as soon as possible and this doesn’t fall into oblivion.

HB - July 24, 2012

Might Gaine… I don’t recall it fully subbed. Nyoron Subs subbed up to episode 6 or 7 I think, and years before them there was another group which subbed most Might Gaine episodes, but I think they missed last ones.
I could be wrong tho. I don’t know if I have the series laying around, I had a HDD failure, but maybe had a backup of it on some DVDs.
A shame Goldran subs were abandoned, not my favourite Brave designs, but thought it was going to last till the end. Dagwon and Exkaiser would be nice to see fully subbed.

5. dragonkaiser - July 23, 2012

cool finnally da-garn is back happy that it started again .
im also a fan of brave series .i have might gaine.gaogaigar.j-decker and fighbird eng subbed all complete really wanna see da-garn finished and exkaiser

6. kudosforce - July 24, 2012

@HB: According to Anidb, Chamelenia subbed the entirety of Might Gaine, in English and Chinese subtitles.

Agreed on the other shows you’ve mentioned. Dagwon in particular is interesting, since I hear it uses a more Ultraman-esque formula (despite the male lead designs being a product of Gundam Wing-era Sunrise). And heck, you’d think the series that kicked off the franchise would get a good treatment and yet its the follow-up that got that privilege…

HB - July 24, 2012

Never heard of Chamelenia. Will try to look for them later. Thanks for the info.

7. kudosforce - July 24, 2012

You’re welcome! ^_^ d

Also, Bakabt will be your best bet if you want to find most fansubs

kudosforce - July 24, 2012

Okay, it appraently seems that the subs are of HK-quality. Oh dear…:-(

*sigh* Oh well. At least we still have Fighbird, J-Decker and Gaogaigar (as well as the rest of Da Garn, hopefully) to properly enjoy fully-subbed.

8. Ken Arromdee - August 3, 2012

A little off topic but it pertains to another H-S fansub: Could someone please clarify for me what the proper checksums for GoGoV episodes are? I have old copies of episodes whose filenames give the same checksum for episode 3 and 4 (which is obviously silly), as well as a V2 episode 1 that is supposedly older than the newest V2, which is really a V3 I think but doesn’t say V2 or V3 in the file name. This is very confusing.

sgtkira - August 10, 2012

Sorry about that. I’m a giant nitpicker, and while some things might slip by, I end up reuploading not only based on dead links, but on new scripts. Basically, if I say “reuploading the eps”, check and actually see if I mentioned re-editing them or not. Because if I am then it’s because either something slipped, or I am making them look similiar to newer releases (newer releases TL’ed Kyuukyuu, for example). I’m not home right now so I can’t give you the actual numbers, but just know that newer uploads can count.

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