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[H-S] Kaku 4, [MC-HS] Da Garn 28, [H-S] Super Sentai World Blu-Ray, and Ouran 1 August 10, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in da garn, ouran, Super Sentai World.

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, but here we are! We’ve been trying to perfect this Kaku ep for a while now. It’s really been a bitch to do, for a lot of reasons. The narrator in this show is funny as hell, but is an evil person when it comes to rhymes or just talking really, really fast. But we overcame that and are bringing it out to you. No confirmed date for when the next one can come out (translator wants to focus on finishing GoGoV first and I fully agree with him!) Now, I’m going to make some notes on things that just couldn’t translate over. Jokes, basically. Rhyming jokes are made by Satan, in my opinion. If you TL’ed it directly then you would have someone screaming out nonsensical things, and while that may be funny to some (I actually would laugh if a Kaku character just screamed “GREEN LIGHT CATEPILLAR”), but it is not preserving the meaning of the original joke. I suggest reading this after watching the new ep, and when you do that you can see these notes:

So there was a joke that Azukiarai made where he was rhyming things every time he ended a sentence (with the ending “mushi”), and was relating them to different stop lights (red, yellow, green). Literally, at the end of the sentence involving green lights, you would have had the word “catepillar”, and while I do not remember offhand what the yellow light’s sentence ended with, I can tell you that red ended with “traffic violation”. Cearly this rhyme is fucked from the get go. We changed it specifically so the joke would flow, and if you want a TL note, well this is it. And if you could immediately tell what the joke was just by hearing the audio, then maybe these subs aren’t for you. The second time this happened is with the narrator. He made another rhyming scheme type joke based on scrub sounding like scissors in Japanese (scrub scrub scrub, rock paper scissors, literally). Doth fucking sense does not make (Shakespeare really said that, I swear!) So we were on a quest to find something that rhymed with scrub, and the answer is what you saw in the subs. It actually works very well considering he is dragging you into a body of water. We were very happy that English had that kind of equivalent.

Now, onto Da Garn. We have finally caught up to the scripts posted on the lovely Kou’s blogs, and we will wait until she is able to post more. (I lied holy shit she posted more holy fuck! ) Not only does she have a job in real life, but she is also working with MegaAnon GUIS on Zyuranger (check that out guys), and on Carranger with Harorangers (check that out too!) So she’s been very busy! Still very happy that she’s able to do these projects!

Super Sentai World is a scrub, but is a scrub with a TL check that caught an error regarding Daidas and his companions, and I made all the terms match up to whatever group has subbed each show. Sadly, the only show to remain unsubbed in this special is Fiveman 😦 That should be fixed! The RAW was provided by our friends at Daigeki (check them out! They have English translations too!)

Ouran is a special thing, really. Done by our scrubber friend GekiKnight. He would be scrubbing Gosei right now, but there’s no RAWs at all because of the megapocalyse, so that’s pretty much on hold. And I really like this show. It has some Toku alumni (which is cool). We got the guy from Kabuto (has yet to see Kabuto) as Tamaki, GekiBlue and his twin brother as the twins, and Alata from Goseiger as Honey. No I am not fucking shitting you. He’s Honey. Yes, him. I know it’s funny stop laughing. Okay, I’ll wait.

Kaku 4

MKV soft http://www.packupload.com/ANOZD93FC1O

Da Garn 28

MKV soft http://www.packupload.com/7LIGIZ2X8QL

Super Sentai World Blu-Ray

Ouran 1

MKV soft http://www.packupload.com/BKHNCYSZZOW

Kaku 2 and 3 (reuploaded and tweaked a bit)

2 http://www.packupload.com/9L4FB7NWV7R

3 http://www.packupload.com/6J4Z5XFT1N8


1. HB - August 10, 2012

Great, Da Garn 28! Now, where is Da garn 29? Just joking, take your time heh.

Do you need the raw for 29? Guess not, but just in case.

sgtkira - August 10, 2012

I don’t believe so. If we do, I’ll make sure to ask hehe

2. Chris - August 10, 2012

Awesome more Kakuranger ! Too bad no group sub Fiveman. It’s one of the show i Want to see:(

Grant - August 10, 2012

Um, Fiveman is being subbed. It’s halfway done as a matter of fact. See for yourself:


And do I need the a$$ file to watch this Kakuranger ep with subs? I know I couldn’t get the subs on the GoGoV ep 11 to work.

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

Sorry but I heard that sub is filled with TL mistakes. I suggest the translator study a bit more before continuing, unless he is translating these subs from another language or a dub (which would be worse)

And what is your set up? Do you have cccp installed?

Havok62@gmail.com - August 11, 2012

I heard it’s portugese to english and without talking about the TL mistakes the quality of the video is awful.

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

Well all I really care about is the quality of the translation, but yes putting that aside, that’s what you get when you upload a hardsubbed video to facebook that seems to have been worked on with Movie Maker. No offense, I just used to work with it myself for AMVs and aegisub wouldn’t put on subs like that.

Grant - August 11, 2012

What’s cccp? I use a program called “Any Video Converter” and it usually encodes it to avi or mp4 with the subs if I have the script or if it is included with the mkv file. But in this case it’s not working.

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

Combined Comunity Codec Pack. If you plan on watching this on your computer, it is needed for pretty much ANY show you wanna watch.

Grant - August 11, 2012

So does this mean the subtitles are in fact on the files and this cccp will enable me to get them?

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

The subtitles are in the files, yes. Do you want to extract them? What are you using these converted files on? PSP? PS3? Just on your computer? CCCP just helps you play them on your computer, which, if you want to do so, then there’s no need to hardsub the file.

Grant - August 11, 2012

Thanks. I actually installed that cccp program and was able to see the subtitles on GoGoV 11. Any chance I could get the script for that one as well?

Chris - August 11, 2012

Well their RAW are from YouTube and the quality was already awful. As for the quality of the sub English is not their first language so there is some mistakes. It’s kinda like the goggle V sub i have. As much as i Want to see it i’ll wait Until someone made a better version.

Grant - August 11, 2012

Actually I am looking to hardsub the file and burn it to DVD. So yeah I am looking to extract the subtitles.

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

I say that you might as well connect your computer to your DVD or use some other device to play the files (PS3 or Xbox360), because the file’s probably gonna look like SHIT. But it’s what you wanna do so meh


Chris - August 11, 2012

It depend. I do MP4 with XVid4PSP and the quality is mostly the same. It take Times though (45 minutes-1 hour by files)

3. pittsnoggle - August 10, 2012


sgtkira - August 11, 2012

Not home right now. SO I can’t upload them.

4. nekomata - August 11, 2012

o, u gonna focus on GoGoV? Totally agree with that. U need to focus on 1 series.

Jem - August 12, 2012

agreed, not to mention it was the original project!

Chris - August 12, 2012

Well i prefer Kakuranger but yes i’m agree it’s a good idea to focus on Go Go V.

5. Abigail - August 11, 2012

Kira. Please for the love of god start using torrents as well.

Please. 😦

sgtkira - August 11, 2012

Sorry but I can’t D: Right now I had to release away from my place and I have shitty connection here (as if my place has it any better. HA!) So that is relly fucking up the torrenting.

6. gokaiblack - August 11, 2012

will you release an AVI version for Kakuranger 4?

sgtkira - August 11, 2012


7. kudosforce - August 11, 2012

I must say, Kou is made out of win and awesome, considering that I’ve been wanting to check out Zyuranger for some time. The fact that she’s providing scripts for Da Garn is a nice boon as well!

Please send out my thanks for her. Her work won’t go unnoticed. ^_^ d

sgtkira - August 12, 2012

I’ll make sure she gets this message 🙂

8. nekomata - August 11, 2012

so, starting now, u only release the mkv ver for each show?

sgtkira - August 12, 2012

Yes. I made a post about this a while ago. I am unable to keep track of both the MKVs AND the AVIs, and unable to have space for them all. With the ddl scares, only going with 1 version is the best for right now.

9. Prince Kiva - August 11, 2012

Why mkv always the one coming first! You are gonna make me cry! :((

Chris - August 12, 2012

Read the comment and one of the previous post. MKV comes first because they don’t do AVI anymore…,,

Abigail - August 12, 2012

Also, it’s 2012. No one should be using AVIs anymore.

At least use MP4 if you need a hardsub.

sgtkira - August 12, 2012

That too.

10. El Kevo - August 11, 2012

Will we be seeing more Ouran or was this just a one-off bonus?

sgtkira - August 12, 2012

Oh no there will be more Ouran. Not really sure when, but we TRY (read: try) our best to not drop something, unless it’s truly neccessary,

11. Peter Svensson - August 12, 2012

If anyone here has the ass to France Five episode 1, I’d be incredibly grateful if they could send it to me. I need it ASAP for a convention later this week, and well, it has vanished from the intertubes.

12. John - August 12, 2012

Are you planning to upload the GoGoV episodes to packupload.com? Episodes 2 (V2) and 11 have been “unavailable” for days now, and for some reason Episode 10 (V2) has just not been downloading for me for some reason, all on Jumbofiles.

sgtkira - August 14, 2012

I will be reuploading them all at a later date, yes.

John - August 18, 2012

Cool. I’ll look forward to that later date and do much appreciate it!

13. pittsnoggle - August 14, 2012

If anyone else can put the scripts up on a link, thanks. I don’t understand releasing the encodes and not the scripts since obviously the scripts are available and someone obviously has and used to encode. I already have RAWS, it’s senseless to have to download a megasize file just to get a script, which takes 2 seconds to upload. tia

14. fanficorama58 - August 16, 2012

This might be kinda OT, but it regards the comment about GekiKnight scrubbing Goseiger. If he needs raws, I’ve got the SD TV rip raws (needed SD for making screen caps in Movie Maker) from two years ago for every episode, as well as a raw for Epic on the Movie. So if he wants those, I’ll be glad to hook him up.

Incidentally, my apologies if this is a double post. My network crapped out on me a little bit on my first try.

sgtkira - August 16, 2012

I’ll talk to him about it, but I think he’ll be okay with it. Better than nothing lol

15. sky79 - August 21, 2012

Ouran? … as Ouran Host club? waa .. never thought you would be doing this. Actually, I downloaded it long ago from another group, but still haven’t watched it … maybe I should. Tamaki’s really stupid, but I think Yamamoto is the right actor for him. Seeing him in HanaKimi .. 🙂

16. El Kevo - August 21, 2012

I’m having trouble playing Ouran. It stops at the 7:43 mark every time I try to watch it. I’ve reinstalled CCCP but it keeps doing it. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?

17. jai009 - September 3, 2012

On Ouran at around 20:13 or 20:14 there’s a line that doesn’t show up. Right after Honey says, “Haruru is really cool.” Is it only me or is it the same for anyone else.

18. Big-O - October 13, 2012

Kakuranger ep 4 download isn’t working… can anyone reup or post somewhere else? thx

Big-O - October 15, 2012

either you guys did something or it was just the site acting up… got it. love this series – so very 60’s batman-ish. hilarious! please do more and more GoGoV

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