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[Daigeki & H-S] Blue Swat Movie Released! August 25, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in Blue Swat.

Well, this is a very special release that’s been finished for a while (minus a few checks and the translation into Portuguese.) This was done by a completely different staff, and was a just a one off for fun. The movie is basically episodes 1 and 2 combined, so when you have a translator who doesn’t have the time to commit to a full series and only wants to tackle movies/specials, it’s a good thing to pick up. You can just watch it without knowing anything about the series, and it was really fun to work on. I would work on this series with a translator, but we have a lot to work on right now, and I’m pretty damn sure no one would even pick up this series. Though this movie is a good thing to at least get people watching. We released this with our good friends over at Daigeki fansubs. Check them out if you know Portguese, I would presume. I would love to work with them on the future, and I really hope I can. They’ve also done the Jiban and the Janperson movie with dual subs, so check those out too! And make sure you know that the default sub is Portuguese, but you can easily switch out to English. I have the English .ass here if you need it.

Also, expect a new Da Garn later on tonight. Or tomorrow morning.

Blue Swat movie MKV http://en.packupload.com/9ICMVN1JN0F

.ass http://www.sendspace.com/file/n7ykii


1. Dark_Crono - August 25, 2012

Thanks for all the help, partner! It was a pleasure to work on a joint with you guys! Lots of luck with your projects and we’ll surely get some new joint sooner or later. See ya!

2. kudosforce - August 27, 2012

Not to be off-topic or anything, but I think the Da Garn ep 29 release plan just got shot…^_^0

sgtkira - August 27, 2012

Yeah, a bit delayed because school started XD

3. El Kevo - August 27, 2012

I’m having trouble playing Ouran. It stops at the 7:43 mark every time I try to watch it. I’ve reinstalled CCCP, I’ve tried converting but it craps out at that exact time. Any suggestions?

4. pittsnoggle - August 27, 2012

Is this Portuguese dub to English… ?

5. RatherOddRanger - April 1, 2013

I do hope we’ll see another joint project on a Metal Heroes film. That franchise really needs some love, heck I’d settle for just the 1st episode of the unsubbed shows getting subbed.

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