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[H-S] GoGoV 3-4, [MC-HS] Da Garn 30-31, [Aesir_H-S] Bouken 5-6, [H-S] Ouran 1-2 November 4, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in boukenger, da garn, gogo v, ouran.

Alright, guys. So we’re here with an awesome string of releases this week.


3 – .ass | MKV

4 – .ass | MKV

Da Garn

30 – .ass | MKV

31 – .ass | MKV


5 – Advenger .ass | Bouken .ass | MKV

6 – Advenger .ass | Bouken .ass | MKV


1 – .ass | MKV

2 – .ass | MKV

We have 2 GoGo, and with new DVD RAWs to boot. We’ve changed some stuff in the script as well, so it’s new enough to warrant a rewatch if you’ve been keeping up with our GoGo. I’d also like to thank Rahan for answering all of my TL questions.

Da Garn is us getting back on track, and 30 was a cliffhanger, so even I wanted to go ahead and work on the first one asap. And I did. So here it is. So 2 eps this week, but only one next week, unless I get hit with a productivity bug like I did this week. I’d like to thank Gunlord for initial timing, and of course those MCS guys.

Why new Boukenger, you may ask? Mag got this weird thing called “Free Time.” Also he recovered his sanity from the Super Hero Time affair (or SHTA, for short). So that definitely helped a lot. So here we are. With two more Bouken. I would point out little TL notes in the eps (because God knows there’s a lot of things to note), but I’ll leave that to Mag and his blog. Since he’s good at that. Hope you guys like it.
And now, we have two Ouran for you today. The 1st Ouran is a redo/reupload. Just a couple lines got changed. Nothing major if you’ve already seen it. Episode 2 is brand new (well, as a group release for us anyways) and out for you guys.

And, as a side not, we reuploaded a lot of our older links. So now we have all of Da Garn up, and all of our Bouken up. Along with some other miscellaneous specials that we’ve done for other shows.


1. Qastha - November 4, 2012

Thanks for reupload GoGoV…….I like it……and how about Kakuranger….?
can you upload Kakuranger? onegai…….

sgtkira - November 4, 2012

I could swear I posted in reply to the last comment you made. We’re working on the older ones with newer RAWs. It will come out in January.

2. kudosforce - November 5, 2012

Two Da Garn eps for the price of one? You just rock, Kira, you know? 8)

But yeah, cliffhangers sure are a pretty effective incentive to continue a series.

Also, I’m glad that you pointed out the possibility of getting slowed down. After all, there’s little worse for a fansubber than giving out a promise that you can’t keep, I’d imagine.

3. SharivanCrash - November 6, 2012

Please sub Hariken next.

4. jai009 - November 9, 2012

Ouran SD avi links
Ouran avi 01
Ouran avi 02

I don’t mean to step on Hikari Senshi’s toes, and I apologize if it looks that way but umm… I tend to go into OCD editor mode before I make hardsub encodes. So yeah, these AVI encodes for Ouran will differ slightly from the MKV versions. Not a whole lot different, just slightly.

5. jai009 - November 10, 2012

I could have sworn I posted earlier. Are comments moderated when links are included in comments?

sgtkira - November 10, 2012

Yeah I guess that does happen. Not sure. But thanks for posting the links, man!

jai009 - November 11, 2012

No prob, man. You’re welcome.

6. kudosforce - November 11, 2012

So, now that it’s been exactly one week since the last update (last sunday), I hope you guys will be able to pull through and put up the next Da Garn ep sometime later today. ^_^ d

7. RatherOddRanger - November 14, 2012

Anyone else having trouble downloading the Da-Garn eps before episode 28?

sgtkira - November 16, 2012

What kind of problems?

8. kudosforce - November 15, 2012

Say, Kira, I wanted to ask you something I recently thought about. I know it’s too early to say this (especially given your hectic and loaded schedule), but here goes:

Do you intend to tackle on any other Brave Series shows after Da Garn?

sgtkira - November 16, 2012

As of right now, we’re not doing any other Brave Series after Da Garn. We don’t really have a translator who would be interested in doing one.

HB - November 19, 2012

That’s a shame, I’d love to see all Brave series subbed. Also, I feel Dagwon somehow fits with Hikari Senshi theme.

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