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[H-S] Gyrozetter 6 November 24, 2012

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

I must admit I pushed myself to get this episode out sooner rather than later, but I’m sure you don’t mind. And it’s because I reckon this is the best episode the show’s had so far – we’ve still got some enjoyable episodes coming, but they’re not quite as big as this one.

We’re catching up! It’ll be a bit more of a wait before 7, so expect it some time next week. For those of you with toasters, I believe there are plans to do lower res versions of our episodes, but I can’t say when those would be.


MKV torrent



1. Luis Simões - November 24, 2012

And the villains strut their stuff! But how many new powers can the heroes draw out from their gyrozetters?

2. anonymous - November 24, 2012

Thank you very much guys!!! you are the best!

3. eiyuu - November 30, 2012

Thanks a lot!

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