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[H-S] GoGoV 8-9, [MC-HS] Da Garn 1-2 DVD & 35, [H-S] Ultraman Nice OP, Ouran 3, FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC PV, and more! December 2, 2012

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8 – .ass | MKV soft | MKV torrent

9 – .ass | MKV soft | MKV torrent

Da Garn

1 DVD – .ass | AVI hard | MKV soft

2 DVD – .ass | AVI hard | MKV soft

35 – .ass | MKV soft | Torrent

Ouran 3

.ass | MKV

Ultraman Nice OP


Gyrozetter SDs

3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

First off, we put up some SDs for Gyrozetter 3-7. So grab those if you’ve been waiting for them. Now on to our other releases.

This week we have GoGo 8 and 9 out for you guys. I really love these episodes. Some episodes feel like their focus episodes for one member, but 8 manages to focus on the entire family, as well as Mondo (their Dad). It definitely shows you how Japan feels about their firefighters, and how they have a legacy there. 9 is a great one too. It’s a Matsuri focus ep. But don’t expect it to be all girly. Maybe it’s just the music they use, but every episode seems like shit hits the fan and that something epic is going to happen, and I hope you get the same vibe from this one as well. Sometimes people tend to think “Ha girly ep fuck that”, but I definitely feel like that can’t summarize this ep. And a shout out to Rahan for being up at 3AM, helping TL check these two eps.

Now about Da Garn. 1-2 have been redone with the new DVD RAWs we have been able to obtain. Does this mean that newer eps are going to become slower? Hell no. Right now there are only 36 scripts on Kou’s blog. We are reaching closer to that script count. So if the scripts dry out for a while after 36, then it has nothing to do with these re-releases, and we will still continue to do them whether we have a new script in our hands or not. You don’t really have to watch the v2s, but you could if you want to see the new DVD RAWs. I think they’re sexy (Seriously, Kyouju, the encoder, is awesome). The script has been tweaked a bit, but just some spelling and timing and stuff. Now, if you haven’t checked out Da Garn yet, then now’s a great time.

So, about Ultraman Nice. If you haven’t heard about it, then that’s just fine! It’s a Nice little Ultraman series that only aired via commercials in Japan. Yes, this Nice character was only shown in commercials, and in those same commercials, they promoted the toys. So, you probably didn’t see him in Ultra Galaxy, which isn’t very Nice, but ah well. We aren’t picking up the series because there are no RAWs. The only RAWs we have found are some not-so-Nice-and-really-shitty youtube RAWs that bundled up a lot of the commercials together. If anyone has any RAWs they want to link us too, then that would be Nice. We did this OP because we thought it was cute and Nice. Isn’t it Nice?

Ouran time! Now, the cool thing about this Ouran release, is that we’re releasing it with the MV for the song that always plays at the end. Which is called “FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC”. It’s a really cute song and the video is delightfully weird. I also have a strange feeling that Rebecca Black stole this song, but whatever. As long as an American singer doesn’t steal the Go-onger’s song “Possibly Call Me”, then I guess I’m okay.

So, that’s everything for today. Hope you guys like the releases, and see you back next week!



1. Famo - December 3, 2012

Kira sama thank you so very much for your gogov updates its much appreciated

2. kudosforce - December 3, 2012

Well, I just hope that Kou notices that you guys and MCS have almost catched up on the script progress for her favorite mech show. Her lack of updates up to now is getting disturbing. :/

Anywho, thanks for the usual contributions! I might consider trying out GoGo V later on.

3. lolman - December 3, 2012

Thank you guys!!

4. IronMonkey - December 4, 2012

She should forget everything and do some more Zubat.

sgtkira - December 8, 2012

haha Yeah, Zubat is amazing.

kudosforce - December 8, 2012

On that note, I’m still dying to know how Zubat will rescue Insp. Tojo in the next ep.

5. Skull - December 8, 2012

thank you for subbing GoGo V. Will you make torrent file for ep 8-9?

6. jai009 - December 9, 2012

H-S Ouran Host Club live episode 3 SD hardsub avi links

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