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[H-S] Gyrozetter 8 December 8, 2012

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

This time on Gyrozetter: Detectives! Fortune telling! Shenanigans! And car robots make an appearance at one point, too.

Look forward to a rather silly cameo next time, and we’ll throw in something to match. And as last time, there will be more H-S releases coming within the next few days. One release note is below.

MKV torrent


When they talk about Osaka and comedy, Michie references a specific style of comedy – ‘Owarai’ – that has strong associations with Osaka. It most commonly features short, corny jokes, puns, and two comedians – one who normally plays the fool (boke) and says silly or stupid things, and one who corrects him – the straight man (tsukkomi). This in particular is what Michie was referring to in episode 4, when he asked someone to play the straight man to him.


1. lolman - December 8, 2012

Thanks H-S!! 😀

2. anonymous - December 8, 2012

Thank you so much!

3. Dan - December 9, 2012

Thanks again guys! The whole Transformers community is greatful for your hard work on this program, GyroZetter would not get a perfect sub quality if not for your valiant efforts.

4. hirotokan - December 11, 2012

saaaaaaaaannkkkss ^^

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