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[H-S] GoGoV 10-11 DVD [MC-HS] Da Garn 3-8 DVD, [H-S] Return of Ultraman 1 and it’s our anniversary! December 24, 2012

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10 – .ass | MKV soft

11 – .ass | MKV soft | Torrent

Da Garn DVD

3 – .ass | MKV soft

4 – .ass | MKV soft

5 – .ass | MKV soft

6 – .ass | MKV soft

7 – .ass | MKV soft

8 – .ass | MKV soft

Return of Ultraman 1

.ass | MKV soft

Well, finals are done, the college semester is over for many of us, so releases are either going to be speeding up, or just getting back on track for some of our projects here at H-S. So, today, we give you GoGoV DVD 10-11, and we catch up on the weeks we haven’t brought out DVD Da Garn, by giving you 3-8. With Return of Ultraman, I can’t believe I didn’t realize that we still had the jumbofile links listed on the Downloads page. So, we’re updating those on a weekly basis. The scripts have been tweaked a bit, so any mistakes that were previously in them have been changed, and they’re going to be on pack now, along with the rest of our subs. I would definitely suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s a really different show in comparison to the other stuff we’ve done. It’s a lot more military centered, and I like that. Hopefully you do too.

So, Da Garn’s hardsubs are coming as soon as I can upload them. And, if you are unaware, Kou (the translator for Da Garn show) posts her scripts on her blog. The blog is a great insight into her thoughts on the episodes, and some info on them that you may not have known. I would definitely suggest visiting her blog (here), and taking a look at it as we re-release Da Garn.

So, getting into the Holiday spirit, we’ll be releasing some things on Christmas Eve. So be on the look out for ’em! Also make sure to look at Over-Time’s 12 Days of Christmas releases! They’ve done some amazing PV’s and even an episode of Tokyo Encounter! What will they do next? (Seriously, I want to fucking know. I’ve threatened all of them, but they refuse to tell me.)

I would also like to point out, before I forget, very happy we survived the apocalypse. The 21st was actually our anniversary. We’ve been under this name for 2 years now, though I have been subbing under different group names for a bit before this one (and they were failed groups. Good times. Good times.) So, I would like to say, I can’t wait for the New Year. Things are going to be changing here. Not going to say what yet, but next year is really going to be a fantastic year. And not just for us, but for all Toku subs.

One more little note.  I was watching a show today. A show I had never watched before, but had heard about a lot. This show, was called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is the show that I will now be marathoning and watching the second I release this, because I need a break. The best group ever that is doing this show? Our friends over at MMM (MudaMuda Muda) subs. So, go watch their subs for it! They just did 12 today, I believe.

And a special thanks as always to our TL checker, Rahan. Without him, there really wouldn’t be old, or new GoGo coming out.


1. big-o - December 24, 2012

Thanks! please do more Kakuranger soon! i love that wacky series.

2. kudosforce - December 24, 2012

Awesome to hear, guys. 😀

I’ll likely try out Return of Ultraman sometime after I’ve got Shout Factory’s Ultra Seven release. Showa Ultraman shows barely get translated these days.

3. lolman - December 24, 2012

THANK YOU!! GoGoV yeahhhhhh!!!!!

Merry x-mas guys 😀

4. Skull - December 25, 2012

Could you make the torrent file for GoGoV 10-11, please?! Thx n Merry Christmas…

5. lolman - December 25, 2012

Happy birthday 😀

6. Chris - December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas. Can’t wait for the Christmas release.

7. beatnik - December 26, 2012

Hey HS! Once you finish subbing every other show you ever desire to in your lives, can you sub the two Japanese beast wars series?

I just finished literally every other member of the Transformers franchise only to discover the last two names on the list have never been properly translated. Shit sucks too, the characters look like a great bunch of guys.

sgtkira - December 27, 2012

We need to have a translator who enjoys that before even thinking about picking it up, and the translators we have aren’t interested. Sorry. I wish you luck, though.

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