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[H-S] GoGoV 12 DVD, [MC-HS] Da Garn DVD 9-10, [H-S] Return of Ultraman 2, and have a Happy (Belated) Holidays! December 27, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in da garn, gogo v, return of ultraman.

So, because of people and their lives around the Holidays, we’re a bit late with this release, but from the looks of it, New Years will be running a lot smoother. But, still, pretend that the rest of this release post was written around Christmas. Enjoy!
Well, here we are with a Christmas release. But, even if it’s not Christmas for you, make sure to have a Merry/Awesome/Spectacular whatever you do celebrate. Now, onto the releases.

GoGoV 12 DVD

.ass | MKV soft | Torrent

Da Garn DVD

9 – .ass | AVI hard | MKV soft

10 – .ass | AVI hard | MKV soft

Return of Ultraman 2

.ass | MKV soft

Many of you are going to look at this release post and say, “sgtkira. We want something new. This has been the same shit for weeks now, and everything you put out are just re-releases.” Well, in the immortal words of Dwight Schrute, “False.” GoGoV 12 is actually something we haven’t released before! Well, look at that. Golly gee. Special thanks for both fantasyleader and Rahan. Fantasy for the translation and Rahan for the translation checking.

On Da Garn’s end, we have 2 more DVD releases for you guys. Episode 9 is a really good one for the holidays. While it’s not a Christmas themed episode, it definitely brings up the themes of family togetherness, and giving gifts to people even if you really just want to rule over them all. And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about? Nah I’m just fucking with you, I don’t give a fuck about the greenery from your old village, Nemoto. The only green I want is on my money, thank you.

With 10, there is no real way you can twist it into a Christmas ep… Unless you want to say that Red Ron is a Japanese Arnold Schwarzenegger Santa… And if you’d say that I’d call you one twisted fucker, but okay.

Return of Ultraman 2 is a very good team building episode involving people coming together and working as a team… so Christmas!

Another good show to watch around this time of year is JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Still marathoning it, and it really shows you how not to act around Christmas. Dio, you piece of shit. I hope you get so much coal that you accidentally ingest some of it and you end up pooping out a diamond… that you then use to try to fight JoJo and take over the world, or something.

Christmas gift for us, maybe? We aren’t going to ask you about money or anything like that, since this site is very easy to maintain. We want to rehost some of our lost files (and they’re lost because of an evil HD failure I had during the summer), so if anyone has Ultraman Gaia 1 MKV, Goranger vs SS Goseiger verison (all 3 parts), the Daitetsujin-17 promo, Ultraman Dyna 1 MKV,  then please contact me. It would be great if we had these . Also, if anyone has France Five DVD RAWs, that would be fantastic. Someone emailed me about them awhile back, but the HD failure took care of those and they were uploaded onto megaupload, and the person hasn’t been responsive as of late, so if anyone has France Five DVDs, or DVD RAWs, it would be great if you messaged me about them. Thank you all, and have a Happy Holidays.


1. kudosforce - December 27, 2012

Well, if you aren’t being silly there…:-P

Regardless, nice to see something new for GoGo V being delievered on. Also, happy holidays to you too!

sgtkira - December 27, 2012

heh Yeah, I had a BIT too much fun with the release post 😛 Anywho, I’m very happy too. Finally able to get these out 🙂

2. lolman - December 28, 2012

GOGOV yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

I really thought I’d see new GoGoV only in 2013, so thank you H-S 😀

3. Ako - December 28, 2012

Yay 😀 New GoGoV! Domo. You made me laugh with that post 😀

I have a question though: GoGoV 1-11 old releases, what were they called? I always thought they were dvd. Anyways, keep up the new releases.

Also, happy holidays to you too!

sgtkira - December 28, 2012

Well, our older encodes just had the brackets with the crc code in it. They were pubically distributed RAWs, and while they were labeled as “DVD”, we didn’t know the source or the encoder. Also, they were terrible encodes. Once we got our hands on DVD5s (not exactly original Toei DVDs, but close enough) we decided to re-encode with an encoder that I know and trust, and now we have the whole series RAW!

Ako - December 29, 2012

thanks for the reply sgtkira. I’ve been wondering that for some time now. Good to know you got reliable source this time 🙂

sgtkira - December 29, 2012

No problem. It’s good to know that on our side too! Heck, if we kept on going with those RAWs, we wouldn’t even have been able to release. Some of them were .mov, and MKVmerge wouldn’t even have been able to make MKVs out of them.

4. micehell - December 28, 2012

It certainly feels like Christmas with the new GoGo V, yays! Much thanks for prezzie! And hope your new year is awesome… or, at the very least, better than this last one has been! 😉

5. Baltan_Seijin_2K - December 30, 2012

Congratulations for your team effort, I would like to know if the re-released Return of Ultraman will be on-going basis? this one is the same as the old release that was available in Avi format? Previously you said Mkv is the future.
All the best, and hope you release the whole series to watch, when I was a boy I enjoyed with my childhood friends that series, this caused me a nostalgia to watch it again, please keep going, and again thank you very much.
I wish you and your team a Happy New Year 2013!

sgtkira - December 31, 2012

Yes, we will try and release one a week until we hit some new releases, and hopefully we can keep that up as well. However, the releases are different. We have fixed the little errors that were present in the first releases. Also, I’m very happy that you love the show. I didn’t really get to see Ultraman as a child, but I am happy that you’re able to relive some of your childhood memories 🙂 Thanks for watching, and have a happy New Year too!

6. Skull - January 6, 2013

Happy New Year Guys! Thank you for release GoGoV ep 10-12. Anyway, did you miss for Torrent file ep 10? cuz i just found ep 11-12 for the torrent file.. thx

sgtkira - January 6, 2013

I tried editing the Downloads page yesterday, and there seemed to be an issue. I’ll try it tonight and see what happens. We do have a torrent for 10, though.

Skull - January 7, 2013

Thanks for the reply sgtkira. i’ll wait for torrent ep 10. Meanwhile, i also try to direct download Da garn dvd ver, RoU but alwasy been reply by “You must visit this page to download this file”. It happen all the times. Any idea why this can happen?

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