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[MC-HS] Da Garn 11-12 DVD, [H-S] Return of Ultraman 3 have been released! Happy New Year! December 31, 2012

Posted by sgtkira in da garn, return of ultraman.

Posting this a bit early, because some unexpected things have come up, so I’ll be absent on New Years, but let’s all pretend it is New Years, shall we?

Have a Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that all of you out there have made goals that you have already broken! As for me, it looks like my goal of getting this out on New Years Eve hasn’t worked out really well. So, let’s move on to the releases, shall we?

Da Garn DVD

11 – .ass | MKV soft

12 – .ass | MKV soft

Return of Ultraman 3

.ass | MKV soft

For Da Garn, it’s a new villain (to DVD) for a new year! We’re still truckin’ on with those DVD re-releases, and we have already gotten to the second general! I don’t want to spoil anything for new viewers, but you should definitely be amused and confused by this guy’s antics.

Return of Ultraman was very interesting this week. We got some backstory on Gou, and I’m going to start doing something that I have been neglecting for a while. I’m going to post some trivia on the monsters that we’ve seen so far.  Basically, if they’ve been in previous Ultraman series, and if they were in any later series, then they’re getting an honorable mention! Earthtron, who was in episode 1, also appears in Mebius, Ultra Galaxy, and Saga. And Sadora, from the latest ep, is from Mebius and Ultra Galaxy. And Detton, who was in this episode, is actually a modified  Telesdon suit. Telesdon was in the original Ultraman series! (ie. not Ultra Q)

And expect some GoGoV on Sunday, it was supposed to come out tonight, but not only do I not have the time to work on it (those unexpected plans I mentioned), but a lot of translators need to look at this ep. It is proving to be the most difficult episode we have worked on thus far. But enough of that, hope you guys like the subs!



1. lolman - December 31, 2012

Thanks H-S!! Happy New Year 😀

2. kudosforce - December 31, 2012

Trivia for Ultraman from ya is much appreciated, especially considering how some monsters’ names can only be seen in outside sources at times.

With that said, happy New Year in advance to you, Kira! May this new year bring much better luck, hopefully. 😎

3. Ken Arromdee - January 1, 2013

How many episodes need DVD rereleases? Is there some point where you started using DVDs anyway so you don’t need to rerelease them any more?

sgtkira - January 3, 2013

Which show are you referring to?

Ken Arromdee - January 4, 2013

Duuuh, I’m stupid. I meant Da Garn. How many Da Garn episodes weren’t subbed with DVD source and need to be redone?

sgtkira - January 4, 2013

All 36 eps that were released were not done with these DVD RAWs. However, that is not stopping us from releasing new episodes. The translator is very busy with her job, as well as some other shows she is working on, so she is going to come back to Da Garn as soon as she can. We just thought, that since we have these DVDs, it would be nice to re-release the old ones during the wait.

4. Zakk - January 2, 2013

Since the guys at Bunny Hat Raws released the 10-bit version of Dairanger, will you do a release another version? Also, is there any way I can help with Hikari Senshi? I know you need timers (which I am willing to do), but are there any other spots?

Thank You

sgtkira - January 7, 2013

Why yes we are! And I’ll email you about timing as soon as I can.

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