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[H-S] GoGoV 13 DVD, [HoN & H-S] Dairanger 00 DVD, [Geki-Senshi] Gekiranger 00 DVD, [MC-HS] Da Garn 13-14 DVD, & RoU 4 are out! January 6, 2013

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GoGoV 13 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Dairanger 00 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Gekiranger 00 DVD

Wildranger .ass | Gekiranger . ass | MKV soft

Da Garn DVD

13 – .ass | MKV soft

14 – .ass | MKV soft

RoU 4

.ass | MKV soft

GoGoV has proven to be Satan’s second cousin who’s been twice removed. This is the bane of any translator’s existence. And like Bane, it likes to sneak up behind translators and break their backs. I mean seriously, fuck. As the viewer, you’ll watch this episode and love the effects that were used, and the OST behind it, because that’s why you SHOULD be worried about, but this was the biggest bitch to translate. Though the pay off has been glorious. This really is an epic episode, and I’m happy that you guys get to see it. A special thanks to fantasyleader, Rahan, Makhazol, and Magenta for each contributing something to help the lines look all nice. I’ll post some stuff about it under the links, if anyone cares.

Why Dairanger again, you ask? Well, while we liked our first sub of the series, I believe that there is always room to improve. So the typesetting has been fixed a bit, we fixed the timing, and a few little errors we had in our first release. Also, I put “DVD” in the release post because the whole series is now in DVD9. You may not know the difference, but DVD9 is what people normally refer to when the DVD hasn’t been tampered with in any way. With the original releases, only the first 3 volumes (episodes 1-30) were DVD9. The rest were DVD5, which that not only were they compressed, but some quality was lost. The new encoder actually found the full series in DVD9, which is why we’re going to be re-releasing. The old encoder (zeroninja) actually bought the first 3 DVD volumes himself, so God bless him. We will also be making little notes for some of the episodes, if they need them. Nothing major to note in this promo. You-Power is not “Demon-Power”, because, well, that’s what it means. It’s only the promo, so we really don’t have much else to report. We’ll leave the rest for the episode 1 release post!

Why Gekiranger again, you ask? Look at the title post! DVDs, oneechan! Aw yeah! But seriously, we are aware of the issues that were in our original subs, we are looking to not only improve that, but to make a show that anyone can watch. You’ll notice that there are two different versions of the script, both in the MKVs, and linked separately. It is very important to know this. Gekiranger is one of those shows, that there is so much terminology, that neither side will be satisfied if we translated certain words and left others, like we did with Dai. Also, there are even more terms than there were in Dai! So we’ve decided to do two different scripts. One that has every term translated/edited into some English equivalent, and another with many of the Japanese phrases still intact. We get that people like the Japanese method, but also remember that the full English method is being done for other people that want to watch the show. Either the person who is just tuning in, who has no idea what certain words mean, or the person showing it to their kid or younger sibling/cousin. Just remember that whichever version you enjoy is in the MKV itself. You can easily switch over to the other track. It is also provided to you in script format by us, in case you enjoy one word staying in Japanese, but another in English. I really wish I could make all of you happy, but this is the closest thing I could do without having 100 scripts out with different English/Japanese word combinations.

Janspeak: A Peek into Hell, by Hikari Senshi. If you all have seen Geki before, keep on reading. If you haven’t, please watch the promo to see what we’re referring to and come back to us. Basically, Jan speaks in a VERY awkward way. Now, he doesn’t do this 24/7, but he uses sound effects to describe certain things. This was a very hard thing to edit, because we had to make a very big decision here. Had we been VERY literal, we would have had to take the sound effects, tried to find English equivalents, and then just write that sound effect down. There are a few reasons why we decided on not doing this, though. First off, Japan has a lot more sound effects than we do. So we’d have to try and find sound effects that would be close to the original intention, rather than being super direct anyway. So it really wouldn’t be literal and I feel like we’d end up with a few similar English choices, and that’s bad because Jan uses many sound effects. Secondly, while people in Japan are supposed to be confused about what he’s saying, it obviously can be deciphered, since we and many others have figured out what he’s saying simply by thinking about it. Heck, even children read manga in Japan. So sound effects that would end up being in a manga can even be picked up by children. Had we looked at American sound effects, I feel as if we would have just been too confusing, if you will. I think that what we went with can still display a sense of confusion, but you can still “get it” if you think about it. I would rather keep these in the realm of “you have to think about them for a second or two”, rather than getting you so confused that you have to go and look up what the sound effect means. If you end up having to pause and do research each and every time the word is used, then why shouldn’t we just leave it in Japanese anyway? This is why we went for something like smiley smiley for nikiniki.

Now, for Geki. Geki is a very complicated word. Geki can be translated differently depending on it’s usage. The kanji for Geki in Geki Juken is “fierce” or furious. Same with Gekiranger. We didn’t go for Fierceranger or Furiousranger because of length. So, editing wise, we went with Wildranger. It also compliments the Rin in Rin Juden, which means “Predatory”. But the kanji for their actual energy makes it “fierce” or “furious” Qi (or energy). So that is why, for the Wildranger script, we went with “Wiqi”. So, Wiqi for Wild Qi. It doesn’t look cool, but I don’t think the creators meant for 20-40 year-old foreign men on the internet to think it’s cool. I talked to some younger cousins and they liked it, and they’re the demographic (well, age wise).

Now, while Geki does have DVDs RAWs now, these are DVD5, not 9s. So while they are useful, DVD9s are still needed. If you have purchased Geki, or just have DVD9 ISOs, we would really be happy if you could send them our way. Please PM me if you have them. It would help us a lot, because we wouldn’t have to do ANOTHER batch of releases when we find them.

Our goal is to release this, and Dairanger, on a weekly basis. GoGo seems to be back on track, and Da Garn is staying with DVD releases for now.

Now, to Da Garn. Episode 13 is great. It brings up the topic of loving the environment, something that isn’t so new to Da Garn. I really loved it, though. It has caused me to save a lot of the funny pictures (this ep is gold in that department), and made me laugh way too much. But episode 14… watch the episode and come back to me, because I really can’t describe it. I mean, REALLY JAPAN, this is why we cannot be friends. This episode, and the fact that the women in your porn always sound like they’re in pain, is why I don’t acknowledge you when I see you at a party. You’re just that guy. That fucking weirdo. So just get away from me, Japan. Because I don’t even think I can talk to you right now.

Return of Ultraman 4 trivia! The monster appearing in this ep is Kingsaurus the Third. Clearly he descends from royalty! Well, he actually does. Well, depends on how you look at it. He’s the third monster in the Ultra franchise to use “King” in his name. There’s Red-King (Original Ultraman) and Eleking (Ultraseven). This was an awesome episode. Gou actually has to train! But not as Ultraman. He actually has to gain the power himself, or try to. I really like that concept, and it’s always nice to see a training montage. Hope you guys are watchin’ it!

GoGoV 13: What the fuck happened? A Story in Editing/Translating

Before I continue, please watch the episode before you see my notes. There are spoilers. Many of you may have seen my rants about this episode, and I’m posting this for anyone who cares to see what actually happened. There are definitely a number of you who are thinking “Wow, that episode took a while, he says it was hard, but what was hard about it?” Well, I’m going to give you guys a look at the evil that is Japanese Children’s Television. When translating a currently airing show, translators have captions. Basically, Japanese scripts. This normally helps the translator out. Yeah, you don’t have the power of the internet (the show is new, so the info on it can be limited and it will be hard to do a lot of research), but you do have the power of having the script right in front of you. Now, looking at older shows, while you can find gems on the internet, like a blogger’s post about what’s going on in the scene, sometimes you strike gold, the Holy Grail, an actual full Japanese script for an episode! With GoGoV, we have no Holy Grail D: We have to translate all of this by ear. I would also like to add, and you will know this if you have been keeping up with the releases, that GoGoV is not a quiet Sentai. They don’t talk gently while reading books in a library. No, the library is burning down, fire engines are roaring, an epic OST is playing, and everyone and their Okasan are screaming their lungs out. So things can get pretty hard to hear.

Now, I’m not going to post every picture and line, because it would take a while, and I have to admit that even though this episode started off with a good 14 missing lines, eventually, they dwindled down to 1-2. Finally, everything got taken down and there was only one line left. Here is this monstrosity:


If you see the scene in question, you will see everything that is wrong with that line. He sounds like he is doing a mix of stuttering and slurring, and a massive amount of stuff is going on in the background. Four translators had to piece this apart so we could get to what we have now. What’s even worse, is that when we thought we had it down, we thought “Wait a minute now, while rescue bags ARE real things, that looks like a slide, you don’t slide down a bag…” So we then raced to the internet! We learned that you DO slide down escape chutes, and that spraying them with water is even BETTER, because it cools down the temperature in the chute, y’know, since there’s A RAGING FUCKING FIRE. And that they have escape chutes in pretty much every large building. Now, escape bags are a real thing too, but we chose to use escape chutes, and have gone with “Japan calls this thing another name even though they mean this thing.” It’s happened before, and it’s really the only logical explanation for something like this.

Anywho, in conclusion, subbing is an evil thing. Never sub. Get girlfriends. That is all. Hope you liked the episode!


1. lolman - January 7, 2013

Wow. What a wall of text! o_o

GOGOV YEAHHHHHH!!! Thanks for the explanation. Indeed, Japanese Children’s Television is the EVIL. Ah, oh man I remember the Eleking, Ultraseven is my favorite Ultra (Oh I feel old now :/ ).

BTW, thanks for everything!

sgtkira - January 7, 2013

haha Yeah, we wrote a lot. I felt like it needed to be said because everything was going well until THIS episode. Also, I need to see more Ultraseven x_x I loved what I saw, though!

2. micehell - January 7, 2013

All that attention to detail in your subbing is amazing… well, it’s obviously a drag for you guys sometimes, but it’s still amazing. 😉 But we do appreciate all the work y’all put in, not to mention the high quality of the subs, so mucho thanks!

sgtkira - January 7, 2013

Thanks. We are really trying to make the only need for v2s to be newer RAWs. So we want to have everything covered, but it can be hard XD Happy you’re watching!

3. Goty - January 7, 2013

thanks for more GoGo! Gekiranger dvds are heavily appreciated too

sgtkira - January 7, 2013

Thank you for watching! I’m really happy that we’re able to get these Geki DVD’s out.

4. Skull - January 9, 2013

I just finished watching eps 12 and now eps 13 come out. thanks for GoGoV. Anyway, please release torrent file for eps 13 and 10. Many Thx for that 🙂

5. FZed - January 27, 2013

Thanks as always, guys. I just watched GoGoV ep 13 and thought I’d mention that Line 305 (There we go) in the script lingers on screen for far too long and I’m not sure where it’s actually meant to be either; since it’s start point is a part where nobody is actually speaking.

6. Roberto - January 29, 2013

Wow, so much work on that gogov episode, it’s a pain, but thanks I hope you keep on going with this I really like this show and the subs.

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