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[H-S] Gyrozetter 13 January 9, 2013

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

And with this, the first part of Gyrozetter draws to a close. We missed out on getting it out before episode 14 by a day, unfortunately, but even so we’re making good progress.

As you may be able to infer from the preview, 14 is one of the dreaded Recap Episodes. But as far as they go, it’s not too bad – it does have quite a bit of new stuff and new information in it. I don’t think it’s one you’ll want to be skipping.

Couple of notes about this ep – discussing details of what happens, so beware of spoilers – will follow. Enjoy!

MKV torrent

MP4 DDL – alternate

About seven minutes in, Touma has a line about Kong Roader which appears to be a Kinnikuman reference. He refers to his ability – which in the Japanese is ‘Kajiba no Kuso Jikara’. I was able to find several translations for this – the more literal ‘Burning Inner/Idiotic Strength’, the official English manga translation’s ‘The Fire’, and the anime dub’s ‘Ultimate Muscle’. The people I spoke to recognized Ultimate Muscle more than any other; thus, I wrote the line to allude to that.

Also, at one point, we see a medical report on one Souta Gunji on screen. The report is written in German – fairly poor German, from what I’m told, so I didn’t think it was appropriate to translate. However, in case you’re curious, I asked a German-speaking friend to throw together what translation he could of it. Said translation is;

Sick since childhood.

Attention, required course.

I reccomend regularly consulting a doctor. Immediately hospitalize and have them do a checkup if they find anything.

We have to go this far, especially since I have never seen such pathological conditions.

Others are not showing this.

Formulated in consideration of the medical examination and future findings.

You will find the most important observations, symptoms and the current name of the illness described in the exhibit.


1. anonymous - January 9, 2013

Thank you so much!

2. Anna Kmiecik - January 12, 2013

Sorry for bothering you! I’m from Polish subbing group and i want to translate Gekirangers to people from my country. Is it possible to get scripts from you (i can’t download them) and use them (i’ll leave all needed credits). Of course i can work on timing alone but it would take a lot of time itself, that’s why i thought it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Keep the good work ❤

sgtkira - January 17, 2013

Why can’t you download the scripts that we left on sendspace? And yes you can use our scripts, though I would suggest getting the newer ones we are releasing weekly. If you want to make the best version, I would suggest using those. I’m so happy that you wanted to do this. All you really have to say is that “H-S did the English version”, and even then, it doesn’t really matter. I’m really happy that you want your people to be able to watch these in their native language. Thank you so much ❤ And keep up the good work yourself! I have no idea how Polish works, but I'm sure it's gonna be hard to translate this x_x

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