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[HoN & H-S] Dairanger 1 DVD, [Geki-Senshi] Gekiranger 1 DVD, [MC-HS] Da Garn DVD 15, & [H-S] RoU 5 have been released! January 14, 2013

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Busy translation checkers this week make Hikari Senshi not release GoGoV. Everything should be back to normal next week.

There’s going to be a lot to note for Dairanger 1. So read along under the download links if you’re interested!

Gekiranger, ho boy. Lots to note here. Gonna copy/paste some from the promo, since people may not have read it (or even downloaded the promo), and they may want to know some thing before watching the full episode. They’re gonna be under the links!

Da Garn is normal. Sexy, and normal. Things are starting to pick up (if you’ve only been watching the DVD RAWs), either way, it’s awesome.

Return of Ultraman had a very good episode this week. Also, some trivia.     Gudon and Twin-Tail are referred to as ancient enemies, which continues in their appearance for Mebius, plus they also appeared in Ultra Galaxy, both the TV series and movie.

Dairanger 1 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Gekiranger 1 DVD

Wildranger .ass | Gekiranger .ass | MKV soft

Da Garn 15 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Return of Ultraman 5

.ass | MKV soft

Notes about Dai 1 and Dai as a whole:

Regarding the team’s name. We have translated certain parts of it, and left the last part. As we normally do. However, Dai is a hard work to look at. It could either mean “great” (Which is what we went with), but there’s a chance this is also a pun, based on the word “sedai”. This means “generation”. Now, going with the theme of the show, generation WOULD make sense. So we were actually going to change all of the instances of “great” into “gen”. It’s really hard to decide which one it was, because the word is written in Japanese where it reads as “Dairanger” not “This is what the word really means”. So it really comes down to an educated guess. The thing that convinced us was a future mech that had Dai written as “great”.

Now, onto the names of each of the animals that the Rangers are based off of. It’s really hard to choose which one to go with. While I am okay with keeping “Ryuranger”, because of people’s complaints, or because it can conflict with Dragonranger from Zyuranger, I am really against keeping Ryu in every single other phrase in the show. We chose to translate in other terms in hopes that people can get what they mean through this method, instead of noting the term once and them leaving it, or translating everything and getting people riled up. We have done this for all of the other animals. However, the animals are mythical creatures. They are based on Chinese and Greek mythology. Sadly, we did have to simplify some of the names when bringing them to the English language. We didn’t want to make any notes in the ep itself, but we’re posting about it here if you want to learn anything about them. Ryuranger is pretty easy. Ryu = Dragon. Shishi = Lion, but specifically a Stone Lion. Basically, they are statues that are in China that are used to guard whatever building they are in front of. In the West, they can also be referred to as “Foo Dogs”, but we went with Lion, in this case. Tenma, or Tienma, is a winged “celestial” horse in Chinese folklore. It is similar to the Pegasus in Europe, and in the US. So you can see what we did there. Kirin is crazy. It could become Qilin, which is what we used, but can be compared to a unicorn or even a chimera. We decided to simply leave it as Qilin because I was told that it IS the western name. It isn’t translation, exactly, but it is what it’s called here. And I have also been threatened with bodily harm if I do not go with this word. So that is why we made that choice with Qilin. Houou gets called a Phoenix in English, but is usually referred to as a Fenghuang. We went with Phoenix because that is what it’s been called. I hope that helped if anyone was wondering where these creatures’ names came from.

Now, the reason why we didn’t decide to leave it as Tenma or use Tienma for all of them, is because it then raises the question “Why not make Ryu (Dragon) into Long?” We are translating this for an English speaking audience, and we would rather not take every term and turn it into its Chinese counterpart. It is just a difference in interpretation. Another person can come along and argue that they want to see Shishi (Lion) as “Foo Dog”. In this matter, it’s really just a matter of what you’re comfortable with. Also, and again, this is just my opinion, Japan took the Chinese terms and gave them Japanese equivalents so their viewers could understand what the animals are, so wouldn’t it be strange if we gave the animals names that the English speaking viewers wouldn’t know? Yes, the theme of the show is “China fuck yeah”, but just think about that for a bit. The show is still obviously Chinese, but what does and doesn’t become Chinese? If Ryu becomes Long, then do we use “Longranger”, and what do we do with Dairanger and the Dai Tribe? Do we find Chinese equivalents . I feel as if it could alienate English speaking viewers, and that Japanese viewers weren’t. You can tell that when Chinese is used, it is kept, because it is foreign to the Japanese viewers and will be foreign to us as well, but I would rather not translate the Japanese words back into Chinese. Again, just a difference in opinion and interpretation!

About the word they use to transform. Ten comes from the word “to wrap around” and shin comes from “one’s self”. In context to this series, they are wrapping themselves with Qi-Power. Or rather, “fortifying” themselves.

Now, onto the actors! Ryou’s actor (Keiichi Wada) has appeared in some other things, though. He was in the Ryuki 13 Riders Special, Rescue Force, and the GoGoV movie! I was so happy to see this, because I believe I was seeing both Ryuki and Dai for the first time, and I knew he looked familiar. I just love it when they bring Toku actors back. Daigo’s actor (Tatsuya Nomi) has made cameos in two other Sentai. He was a Shurikenger doppleganger in Hurricanger, and he was a random character in Boukenger. Boukenger was known for having actors come back and do some cameos. I remember seeing him when I watched Bouken, and the fangirl in my squeed (Note: I’m a dude).  Not much else Toku related for Tenmaranger’s actor (Ei Hamura), but he did Shishiranger’s voice for Super Sentai World (as well as his own), and he makes his own Ranger Keys! Personally, I think Kazu’s actor (Keisuke Tsuchiya) is one of the most interesting. I thought the Ranger Keys thing for Ei Hamura couldn’t be topped, but Keisuke has a brother who is also an actor (Daisuke). He appears later on in this series. What’s awesome is that this gets reversed in B-Fighter, where Daisuke is a main actor and Keisuke appears as his evil clone! The both of them make an appearance in Kakuranger as twins. Rin’s actress (Natsuki Takahashi) has only been in Dai from what I can tell, but she’s an idol as well… Boy is she an idol. SO MOVING ON. Master Kaku’s actor (Koji Naka) has also been in Faiz! I still need to see that show. I’m not ready to sit in a corner and cry yet. So I can wait.

Oh, and that evil woman named Gara? Her actress is Akiko Amamatsuri. Yeah, she was just, like, Mazenda from Liveman!  Oh, Shadam? Well that’s Rintarou Nishi, and he’s been in a lot! He’s actually a popular voice actor! But just naming Toku roles, he’s been a Crow Imagin in Den-O, Dokoku in Shinkenger, and recently he was BurnerRoid in Gobusters! Zydos’ actor (Maroshi Tamura) has actually been in a LOT of Toku related things! To name some minor human roles, he was in Kamen Rider Black, Winspector, Solbrain, the Dekaranger movie, and Kabuto. For some other minor, yet wacky Monster of the Week roles, he was Dora Franken in Zyuranger, and Sunbakuto in Gingaman!

Notes about Geki 1 and Geki as a whole:

Janspeak: A Peek into Hell, by Hikari Senshi. If you all have seen Geki before, keep on reading. If you haven’t, please watch the promo to see what we’re referring to and come back to us. Basically, Jan speaks in a VERY awkward way. Now, he doesn’t do this 24/7, but he uses sound effects to describe certain things. This was a very hard thing to edit, because we had to make a very big decision here. Had we been VERY literal, we would have had to take the sound effects, tried to find English equivalents, and then just write that sound effect down. There are a few reasons why we decided on not doing this, though. First off, Japan has a lot more sound effects than we do. So we’d have to try and find sound effects that would be close to the original intention, rather than being super direct anyway. So it really wouldn’t be literal and I feel like we’d end up with a few similar English choices, and that’s bad because Jan uses many sound effects. Secondly, while people in Japan are supposed to be confused about what he’s saying, it obviously can be deciphered, since we and many others have figured out what he’s saying simply by thinking about it. Heck, even children read manga in Japan. So sound effects that would end up being in a manga can even be picked up by children. Had we looked at American sound effects, I feel as if we would have just been too confusing, if you will. I think that what we went with can still display a sense of confusion, but you can still “get it” if you think about it. I would rather keep these in the realm of “you have to think about them for a second or two”, rather than getting you so confused that you have to go and look up what the sound effect means. If you end up having to pause and do research each and every time the word is used, then why shouldn’t we just leave it in Japanese anyway? This is why we went for something like smiley smiley for nikiniki.

Now, for Geki. Geki is a very complicated word. Geki can be translated differently depending on it’s usage. The kanji for Geki in Geki Juken is “fierce” or furious. Same with Gekiranger. We didn’t go for Fierceranger or Furiousranger because of length. So, editing wise, we went with Wildranger. It also compliments the Rin in Rin Juden, which means “Predatory”. But the kanji for their actual energy makes it “fierce” or “furious” Qi (or energy). So that is why, for the Wildranger script, we went with “Wiqi”. So, Wiqi for Wild Qi. It doesn’t look cool, but I don’t think the creators meant for 20-40 year-old foreign men on the internet to think it’s cool. I talked to some younger cousins and they liked it, and they’re the demographic (well, age wise).

For the word Rin, we went with Predatory because it compliments Wild. It works in context of the show, because while Rin, directly translated, means Rival, what is a rival of a wild animal? Especially one that believes itself to be better than that animal? A predator. Originally, Over-Time translated this term this way in… Gokaiger, I believe, but we think it fits really well and like it a lot.

Monster Names: All of the monsters are based on real-life animals, but the names aren’t written in a straight forward manner. Instead of just being “Mantis” in Japanese, the names are flipped. So instead of Mantis being Kamakiri, it’s actually “Makirika”. So, in translation, it becomes Ntisma instead of Mantis. This will be done for all the monsters (in the Wildranger script).

Now, while Geki does have DVDs RAWs now, these are DVD5, not 9s. So while they are useful, DVD9s are still needed. If you have purchased Geki, or just have DVD9 ISOs, we would really be happy if you could send them our way. Please PM me if you have them. It would help us a lot, because we wouldn’t have to do ANOTHER batch of releases when we find them.


1. kudosforce - January 14, 2013

That’s another thing I’m liking about you guys – you take a lot of things into consideration when translating or localizing terms. It just shows how much you are the good opposite to TV-Nihon.

Also, I did find the Dairanger trivia interesting, particularly since I have seen Liveman and Zyuranger.

With that said, keep on trucking, Kira and the others.

2. Daniel Seelye - January 14, 2013

Please tell me whether or not the latest DVD release of Da Garn hasn’t been deleted accidently from your site? On a good note, the DVD versions of 1-14 so far are fantastic. Much cleaner visuals and little to no lag time and for my 10+ year old DIY computer that’s outstanding.

3. Chris - January 16, 2013

Not sure if it’s DVD9 or if it will help you but Frumix have the raw for Gekiranger VS Boukenger: http://en.packupload.com/3TV911QGUYZ

sgtkira - January 17, 2013

Thank you so much. Actually, when it comes to movies like that, they will always be labeled as DVD5s (because they aren’t that big), unless we’re referring to newer movies that have Blu-Rays, but this isn’t one of those films. So that will help us a LOT when we get to that point. We’re still going to try and release things “in order” and put this out when we finish Geki in a year. Though I will prod Mag into translating the Bouken side of this.

Chris - January 17, 2013

Your welcome. I’m glad it can help. If i see something else i’ll post it here as well 🙂

4. Jomei - January 16, 2013

Thanks so much for re-uploading Return of Ultraman episodes! This is a FANTASTIC show, and I would be thrilled if you were able to continue with it.

sgtkira - January 17, 2013

We’re definitely going to try. The newer episodes still need a dedicated TL checker, but I’ll see if we can continue to do it in-house. Though, if anyone wants to help with TL checking, please contact us. It would definitely help with an old show like this.

5. Zelalem - January 21, 2013

Looks like Packupload is down

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