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[H-S] Gyrozetter 16 January 26, 2013

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

At last, here is what everyone who knows what’s good for them has been waiting for, the Mic-man Seki episode! We were slow this week, for which I apologize – a combination of some tricky things in this episode, and RL, were to blame.

I’ve just found out that apparently we’re getting a new ED in episode 18. But it’s being performed by Tempura Kidz, the group who sung and did the motion capture dance for the current ED, so with any luck this’ll mean more dancing robots.

Some notes will follow. Enjoy!

MKV torrent

MP4 DDL – alternate

The Red Brick Warehouse where Seki meets Saki at the start of the episode is a significant real-life place in Yokohama – see Wikipedia’s page on it if you’re curious.

There’s a Japanese expression used a couple of times in this episode that I’ve translated as “clear May skies” (originally “satsuki bare/五月晴れ”). It’s an expression for an unseasonally sunny day during the early wet season that specifically mentions May. I couldn’t find any kind of equivalent English expression, and the conversation didn’t let me work around it. So, since Saki decided to explain where it came from in depth, I decided the best solution was to come up with an English term for it and let it be explained as much as possible that way.


1. anonymous - January 26, 2013

FUCK YEAHHH!! thank you!!!

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