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[GUIS & H-S] Kakuranger 10 DVD released! February 7, 2013

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A new Kaku for a new week! I really liked this episode, because it didn’t make it feel like all of the monsters are evil bastards, and that sometimes they may even wants things that humans want… They just get them in the weirdest fucking ways. Anywho, I’m done talking, so here are Lynxara’s notes. They’re fairly short this episode!

Episode 10 Notes

[03:48.92] Konaki-jiji

Konaki-Jiji is a yokai whose name roughly means what he is, “crying old man.” The konaki-jiji’s MO in folklore is entirely as described by the Storyteller this episode. This yokai takes the form of a baby or a helpless old man, and uses its cries to lure travelers off safe paths. Once someone picked up the konaki-jiji, trying to be helped, it would turn into a stone (or simply become enormous) and crush its victim to death. In some stories, the konaki-jiji is the transformed spirit of a baby left to die in the wilderness. In others, a konaji-jiji is literally a baby that has the face of an old man. All the stuff in the episode where Konaki-Jiji steals human souls is just Kakuranger being weird.


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