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[H-S] GoGoV 15 DVD, [HON & H-S] Dairanger 4 DVD, and [Aesir_H-S] Boukenger 7 DVD released! February 21, 2013

Posted by sgtkira in boukenger, dairanger, gogo v.

So, life gave us a break, and what did we do? We… just did more work D: Ah well. Anyway, Magenta was able to throw this Bouken at me yesterday, and we had 2 other releases close to completion. We should still have something out by Sunday, but GoGoV 16 is being a bit problematic. It should work by Sunday, though. If not, then you’ll still have Dairanger and something else released as well. Now, onto the episode discussion!

GoGoV 15 is actually one of the best episodes I’ve seen so far. This episode finds a great balance between comedy and serious-ness. It made me laugh, but still delivered the plot, and makes this episode one to remember.

Dai 4 was the end of the first 2 parter in the series. Well, I lie. You could say the first 2 eps were a 2 parter, but 2 was its own plot, and only took the first few minutes to wrap up ep 1.  Either way, this is a great episode because it shifts from a Daigo focus ep to a team one, and gives some great history on China and the Daos civilization. I’ll put the notes under the links.

Bouken 7… I know, right? So, I might be in love with Magenta, and it might be an abusive relationship. Whenever he leaves me dry, whenever he leaves me without hope, with despair, he just shows me his Boukenger .ass and I’m back in. Nah, but seriously, I really liked this episode, a good mix of backstory and FORESHADOWING. What kind, you ask? Well… watch the episode!

The torrents are coming soon!

GoGoV 15 DVD


MKV soft


Dairanger 4 DVD


MKV soft


Boukenger 7 DVD

Driveforce Advenger .ass

GoGo Sentai Boukenger .ass

MKV soft


Dairanger 4 notes:

Okay, so, one major thing to note is the wacky title for the preview. “The Jewels have come! — I’m angry!” lol what? I know, right? Basically, this phrase has two meanings. Both are actually in context with  the episode itself, to make a sexy little pun. Oh, did I say sexy? I meant “Fuck you Japan.” Since this isn’t being said in a sentence where it can be reworked, and since both DO make sense, we decided to keep both this time around, instead of dropped “I’m angry!” Literal translation isn’t normally what we like to do, but this was one of those cases where I felt like our hands were a bit tied. If you don’t understand why they make sense, then you clearly haven’t seen 5 yet, which is fine. I’m happy that this is your first experience with Dai. If you do remember how it went, then you can see how both fit, right?


1. lolman - February 21, 2013

GoGoV yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ Dai and Bouken, thanks a lot guys!! Now I’m gonna watch them because “It’s H-S Time” (*go-busters henshin voice*) xD

2. micehell - February 22, 2013

Wow, more GoGoV so soon! I like it when you guys work too hard. 😉 Much thanks!

3. MoMo - February 25, 2013

May I know when will legend of the brave da-garn will update???

sgtkira - March 4, 2013

I would love to tell you, but I cannot give an exact date. Kou has been busy and this is a hobby, so I feel terrible if I were to continually ask her when the next episode will be done. We have been trying to get the DVD versions out, but we haven’t been able to get into contact with our new RAW provider, so we only have up to episode 18 DVD wise.

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