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[H-S] Gyrozetter 19 February 22, 2013

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

This week on Gyrozetter: Emergency services! Wild animal fights! Extremely irresponsible childcare!

And if I should vanish off the face of the internet before releasing 20, don’t worry. It just means I chose to kill myself rather than have to deal with a whole episode of gags.

MKV torrent

MP4 DDL – alternate

One thing – the name they use to refer to the Zoo reads “Yokohama Doorashia Zoo”. The real Yokohama Zoo’s name would be read as “Yokohama Zoo Zoorashia” with the “Zoorashia” serving as a nickname of sorts. However, in English it’s referred to as “Yokohama Zoological Gardens” – so I substituted “Gardens” for “Park” to keep the Totally Not The Real Thing intact.


1. Alex - February 22, 2013

Cool, I hope those SD get released soon. Look forward to it!

2. anonymous - February 23, 2013

Thank you so much!

3. zam - February 27, 2013

Just seems a bit odd having virtually every group in the scene listed on the side, but not TV-Nihon. It gives a vibe that isn’t all that positive, just sayin’, there’s no objective reason not to include it.

makhazol - March 1, 2013

Without going into stuff that would doubtless cause an argument or drama, the reason for that is shared community. Most of the staff from the mentioned groups tend to associate with one another in a large-ish toku subbing community, even sharing members (I myself do work under the banner of several of the other groups there).

TV-Nihon, on the other hand, aren’t really a part of that. While one or two of the individuals still have ties there, they’re really off doing their own thing, and furthermore given the stark stylistic differences, the fact that they’re publishing a directly competing product (whereas you’ll notice there tends to be very little overlap between projects from the other groups), and certain other factors I won’t go into, there’s plenty of justification.

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