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[H-S] GoGoV 16 DVD & [HON & H-S] Dairanger 5 DVD released! March 4, 2013

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We were missing from the scene last week because of the evils of the educational system, but we’re back and ready with two awesome releases for you guys! 16 was especially Satan-tastic, with all of the puns and some old-timey speak thrown in there. We made notes of a few things and they’re underneath the links, as always, so read on if you’re interested! Regarding the plot of the episode, I absolutely loved it. The little references they have to previous episodes is great, and I love some of the tropes that are used in this episode. They really made me laugh during this episode, because while I’ve seen comedic elements in this show, I can’t say that there’s actually been an episode that has fully focused on it. It’s funny, because when I asked fantasy (the translator) to look into it, he told me that the head writer for the series is Junki Takegami. He was also the head writer for Megaranger, Gaoranger, and Go-onger. The writer for this episode? Kobayashi. Oh, you don’t know who that is? She was the head writer on Gingaman, Timeranger, Ryuki, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Den-O, Shinkenger, OOO, AND Go-busters. I’m a big fan of her work, so I understand why I liked the episode.

Regarding Dairanger, we actually lucked out in terms of translation. There was only one little thing to note  (which will be at the bottom.) In regards to the episode itself, I like the little seeds of plot they left scattered about. Did Daigo and Rin make the first ever online slash fanfiction? Is the monster of the week tsundere for Rin? And is Dragon Star-Lord a really depressed dragon? Find out next, on “Mighty Morphin’ Chineserangers!”

Also, sadly, no Kakuranger this week.

GoGo 16 DVD


MKV soft


Dairanger 5 DVD


MKV soft


GoGo 16 DVD Notes

First off, remember to  look at this AFTER you’ve seen the episode. This episode has a very strange, old monster with an old-timey speech pattern. We tried to reflect this as best as we could. He actually had a weird egg pun thing going on at one point. We did the best we could to make it work in the English language. But here, we’ll post the original lines!

8:49 Quiet! That which breaks (waru) eggs will cry (naku)!

8:55 Did you say “laugh” (warau)? “Cry” (naku)?

8:57 Anyway (tonikaku)! Those who waste food, won’t be forgiven!

As you can tell, in the episode, we made sure to keep the rhyming joke, but with English equivalents. We hope it made you laugh during your first viewing.

Now, onto the guy named Reiji. Ho, this guy. This character was a bit rage inducing. Putting aside his actual character, Daimon made a little nickname for him. It’s cute for the Japanese, possibly, but is a translation nightmare. I’m also wondering if Toei originally wanted his name to be Eiji. In the preview for the ep, Eiji fits as his name, but in this case, it’s “baby”. Also, his real name is Seiji. I’m wondering if Toei didn’t know what to do with his name, or something like that. Either way, the directly translated line at 7:50 is “I kept on going after this baby (eiji), so I nicknamed him midnight (Reiji)!” Sounds like it makes no sense, however, I heard that a different meaning of reiji can be “troublemaker”. Either way, this still makes very little sense because the pun is based on his NAME. So, trying to find a way to make this joke work in English, we put an emphasis on “really” in hopes that the connection is made and it is believed that that’s where the “R” came from in his nickname. Hopefully it did its job!

During the song, Nagare is dressed, well… Ya’ dressed fabulous, darlin’. Just fabulous. I wonder if he likes donuts? Anyway (tonikaku), he commits to the part. Completely. He even talks “femininely.” Now, really, how do you bring this to the English language? It’s kinda hard, actually. I don’t really believe that, in the real world, there’s specific words that only men and women can use, or that either side talks differently. We’re all human, after all. But this is fiction, and Nagare dressed up like a woman, spoke in a shrill voice, and even used a “girly” version of the phrase “Let’s go (ikuzo)!” It’s cool if it’s not your kind of comedy, but it happened, and the worse thing to do in this situation would be to erase it. So, in this case, we tried to go with an “older somewhat fancy adult woman” type of dialect. The way he’s dressed, reflects an older, refined woman. So we tried to go with that when reflecting it in English. Anywho, moving back to their performances, the rest of the characters also get into their respective characters. They really committed to their simply fabulous undercover act, so they each talked a bit differently than they normally would.

Dairanger 5 DVD Notes

First off, remember to  look at this AFTER you’ve seen the episode. The preview for this episode was ” The Jewels Have Come — I’m angry” This was a pun. Damn them. It wasn’t something we could edit in casually because it wasn’t said in a sentence. However, I believe both points to be valid. The arc on the jewels is happening, and Lipstick Songstress gets really, really angry.


1. lolman - March 4, 2013

GoGoV yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Thanks guys. Kobayashi strikes again!

2. micehell - March 5, 2013

It’s sad that GoGoV keeps giving you trouble in the translating (though having to decide how to translate a feminized Nagare sounds more like it might make you laugh ;), but I’m much happy you worked it out all the same. 🙂 Much thanks as always!

3. Johnny - April 26, 2013

No news about new Dairanger DVD episodes?

sgtkira - May 18, 2013

They’ll be coming as soon as I can take a look at ’em. Which, from the looks of it, is soon!

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