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[GUIS & H-S] Kakuranger 14 DVD version! March 18, 2013

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Hey guys, it’s been a loooooooooooong week. I won’t bore you with the details, but pretty much everything that could hit me, did. Finally had the time to make this release post x_x

Either way, on to the episode itself. This episode is a very special one. It introduces one of my favorite villains. He’s just so… different. Especially when compared to the other villains we’ve seen so far. I hope you guys like him as much as I did!

Lynxara’s notes are under the cut, as always!

Episode 14 notes
[01:37.32] Nikuman

Nikuman is the Japanese variant of the Chinese baozi, or steamed pork bun. Traditionally nikuman are filled with seasoned ground pork, but variations that use additives, other meats, or exotic ingredients like curry or pizza toppings aren’t uncommon (especially as convenience store foods). In this line, Saizou could be talking about traditional nikuman, or something much crazier.

[01:39.46] Senbei

This is the Japanese term for what are often sold in the West as rice crackers. In North America, generally only one type of senbei is typically sold in stores, a smaller type often sold as part of a snack mix . In Japan, senbei are available in a tremendous variety of sizes and shapes. A “typical” senbei is flavored with soy sauce and mirin, but senbei can also be sweet or flavored with exotic modern ingredients like chocolate or curry. As with the nikuman line, Saizou might’ve been talking about traditional senbei, or something terrible Seikai picked up at a convenience store.

[03:32.51] Keukegen

Keukegen is a relatively obscure yokai, usually depicted as a shaggy, somewhat dog-like pile of hair. He’s a household spirit that would take up residence in any dark, damp places that existed in a house. Once there, Keukegen would cause members of a household to fall ill. Keukegen originates from Toriyama Sekien’s Hyakki Shui, or “Supplement to The Hundred Demons from the Present and Past.”

[18:07.15] “Just what is this yokai named Junior?”

Junior will be Kakuranger’s major antagonist for the next story arc. Despite the Storyteller revealing that Junior doesn’t have artwork present in his big yokai storybook, Junior is based on a particular yokai. The show just doesn’t reveal it up front. We’ll document Junior’s folklore at a later date, that fits the show’s pacing a bit better. For now, Junior’s supposed to be a bit mysterious, and his storyline is going to play out over the course of many episodes.

Junior’s introduction to the show heralds a darkening of the show’s tone. There will still be goofy episodes where the yokai are used to satirize then-modern Japanese life, but you’ll also start to see purely action-oriented episodes that are a bit more in the ballpark of standard Sentai fare. For these “serious” episodes, expect fewer translation notes overall. We’ll always document a week’s yokai, but action-heavy episodes otherwise tend to be more straightforward.


1. Sid Marvelous - March 20, 2013

Thank you!

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