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[MC-HS] Da Garn 37, [H-S] Gingaman 00 DVD released! April 1, 2013

Posted by sgtkira in da garn.

Finally decided to bite the bullet and jump to the new mega. Not sure what the future is going to hold, but sticking to mega for now. That was the delay on this new Da Garn, sadly. But here it is! It’s looking like school is winding down a bit. Mid terms are over, so more GoGo coming! Da Garn has a few passes before it comes to me, but going to try and pump that out as well, since Kou has been putting more out recently.

Now, with Gingaman: This is only a one shot. We never plan on releasing anything Gingaman related again. This was only a one time thing. Hopefully you enjoy it. This one time thing. Never doing it again. Ever. Never ever… Ever.

Da Garn 37


MKV soft

Gingaman 00


1. Chris - April 1, 2013

This prank would be perfect if some members from others groups didn’t say that you work on Gingaman :p

sgtkira - April 2, 2013

But we aren’t! :O

2. kudosforce - April 1, 2013

Are my eyes deceiving me? A new Da Garn ep!? 😮

Thank you so much Kira! You’ve (alongside other fine folks like Gunlord) rejuvenated my hope in seeing the series being done someday. 😀 Especially given what today is.

3. Zer-O - April 4, 2013

happy to see a new ep of da garn but what is with that download site it keeps bugging me to install something Just to download the file

Zer-O - April 10, 2013

umm any chance an alternate download could be posted please? sorry but I don’t trust sites that insist on installing something just to download a file

4. lolman - April 4, 2013

Thank you 😀

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