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Gyrozetter Raws May 8, 2013

Posted by makhazol in gyrozetter.

So we’ve decided to make the raws we’ve got for Gyrozetter publically available. This has two benefits – firstly, since we’re so far behind and there doesn’t appear to be much if anything out there in the way of raws, this lets people get access to them now rather than waiting however long for us to get to the subs.

Secondly, when we do get them subbed, this will allow people to save time. If you download the raw now, when we release a subbed episode we’ll give you a link to a patch, a small executable that will convert the raw episode into the subbed version, allowing you to watch that much sooner.

These will be just torrents, however. So if you’re a DDL only person, this won’t really help you, I’m afraid.

25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31


1. Keven - May 9, 2013

So I assume Gyrozetter releases will be in 2 formats from now?

A full episode release just like before and also a patch for people who downloaded the raw version?

makhazol - May 9, 2013

Exactly. Well, three formats if you count the SD, but that comes a while later.

2. Big - May 9, 2013

Still really cool. Maybe it will encourage other teams with less restricting schedules to pick up the series and do stuff for it (kind of a pipe dream at this point, though…)?

I don’t mind waiting on you guys, though. This show is great, and even better because of the excellent work you put in. This is definitely one of my favorites this year, and a reminder as to why I love the mech genre.

3. Ed - May 12, 2013

Im not DLing Gyrozetter, but this is a classy move none-the-less, Thanks!

4. Baltan_Seijin_2k - May 31, 2013

How about the Return of Ultraman?
I have the complete series in Raw format, when will you have time to at least post the patch and voila! watch the whole episodes with english subs.
(seems the project is frozen due to inability to translate it or lack of effort) 😦

sgtkira - June 3, 2013

We’re actually not quite sure what to do about this show. I’m going to talk it over with the translator. I was planning on continuing working on it this summer, but then you have Shout Factory, who have not only released Ultraseven, but are also doing Ultra Q. So, what would be the next Ultraman on the list if they decide to do more? Return of Ultraman. So we’re really not sure what to do with that.

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