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[GUIS & H-S] Kakuranger 26 DVD released! May 18, 2013

Posted by sgtkira in Kakuranger.

Kaku 26

MKV soft torrent



Here is the newest Kaku release! Hope you guys enjoy it. I really love the whole “split up the team aspect.” It’s a really, really cool concept and it’s really interesting. SPLIT UP A TEAM?! IN MAH SENTAI?! IMPOSSIBURURURURU! But, yeah, I’m lovin’ it. So keep on watchin’ guys, because it only gets better from here!

And as always, Lynx’s notes are under the cut!

[01:53.85] Let it rain, let it rain!

The monster here is singing an old children’s song, Amefuri. The song is about the heavy rains that can occur in Japan throughout the year, but are especially common in the early summer rainy season. You can hear a full performance of the song at this YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CJZxLQkDx0. A version of the song was also sung in the anime K-ON!!

[02:01.36] Kasabake

This yokai is sometimes known as “kasa-obake,” “karakasa-kozou,” and “karakasa-obake.” Its name means exactly what Kasabake says it does in the episode. Kasabake is a tsukumogami, a yokai born from exceptionally old umbrellas. The most famous depiction of them gives them one eye, one leg, and a long tongue. The two-eyed version you see in Kakuranger’s drawing of it isn’t uncommon, though, and two-legged versions also exist. Although there’s few folktales specifically about this yokai, he’s exceptionally popular in pop culture. Most films, anime, and manga about yokai will feature some version of a Kasabake. Modern depictions often cast Kasabake as a friendly or harmless yokai, which is quite unlike Kakuranger’s depiction.


1. Johnny - May 19, 2013

Glad u’re back! Hope 2 see more Dairanger DVDs!^^

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