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[HON & H-S] Dairanger 6-9 DVD, Movie Blu-Ray! [MC-HS] Da Garn 38, [H-S] Decade bumpers 1-4 released! June 3, 2013

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So, back with some releases! Things should go smoother from now on, though it depends. Our main translator for GoGo, and our new TL checker for Geki (which is fantasy, for both), is in Japan. He can still work on things, but he is working there, so things may get a bit wonky. I do have the summer off, so I can still work on things on my end.

These Dai episodes were great to look over again. You have the introduction to the Mythical Qi Beasts, then you have a major plot stuff involving Ryou, and THEN, you have the introduction of a brand new character! Episodes like this are why I love Dai.

This movie, man. This. Freaking. Movie. Okay, so, we have ourselves a fabulous monster this week. This monster makes the village people look like businessmen in suits. Seriously, though, I love this guy. So, so much. And I hope you love him too. Sure, it’s a tiny, probably non-canon adventure with the Dai crew, but it really was a fun ride.

About Da Garn: Happy that I found the time to pump this one out. It’s really gettin’ good, and I can’t wait to look at 39 so we can get that out for you guys! Hope you’re likin’ it!

The Decade bumpers are just a little thing. Nothing major, but cool little stuff that I would really like to see put out more often.

And if anyone’s wondering, GoGo 17-19 are having a few lines TL checked! 19 is in the editing stages, and various other eps have had their lines TL checked already, which is a very good thing. We have a new TL checker for Geki, as I mentioned above, and he checked over episode 1 again (and it was perfect). There’s talk of getting DVD9 RAWs for Geki, but we won’t let that stop our releasing anymore. We’ve stopped for that reason in the past, and it really gets us nowhere. So right now fantasy is looking over episode 2 when he can, and we are going to release it, even if we don’t have the DVD9 RAWs.

Also, notes are under the cut!

Dairanger 6 DVD


MKV soft

Dairanger 7 DVD


MKV soft

Dairanger 8 DVD


MKV soft

Dairanger 9 DVD


MKV soft

Dairanger Movie Blu-Ray


MKV soft

Da Garn 38


MKV soft

Decade bumpers 1-4

Dai 6

This is the first episode we see the Mythical Qi Beasts. Their names were a hard thing to tackle, because there are various ways to do so. I mentioned in the first post of the v2s that I wanted to make sure everyone would be able to understand . However, you also have people who dislike translating the names of the heroes in ranger form.  So I decided to keep Ryuuranger, but translate things like Ryuuseioh. While I can understand one way of thinking, I simply cannot leave in everything, because then it just starts to look like a rather large amount of untranslated things. And even with these notes, it can be confusing to someone looking at the episode for the first time.

Dai 7

This is where we meet Iron Face Choryou. His name is a weird one to deal with. He is actually a Chinese military general who fought in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. I wanted to change his name back to the original Chinese (which would be Zhang Liao), but I noticed that no matter what name you google, be it Chouryou or Zhang Liao, it will get you to pages discussing him. Something like this is going to be done a bit later (with Kameo), but I assure you that there is a very good reason for that to happen. It’s just that in this case, you will immediately be thrown off when reading a different name, and it isn’t even a translation, exactly. But for the people wanting to know more, I thought I would note it, at least.

Dai 8

Only major thing to mention here is, “Dairenoh.” This is something we were very liberal about in the first releases, but we now realized we could just simplify it. Oh = Lord, in the way we used it. And Dairen is from Dairenjaa, like Dairanger. So Lord Dairan. It’s actually simple, and I laugh at the younger me who was putting it under a microscope and getting all kind of cool, but way too liberal, things.

Dai 9

Hey, look, it’s a peacock! But she’s also a Kujaku Meiou! Why would you not translate this like you did the first time, Hikari Senshi, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Well, it’s a strange case. Kujaku does mean peacock, so it does make sense to have translated it as “peacock”. However, a translator friend of mine talked to me about this and it started to make more sense to leave it. Kujaku Meiou isn’t a made up thing. It is an actual deity that people believe in. People don’t go around translating the name, “Jesus”. And in this case, Kujaku Meiou counts as a name. Yes, it might make more sense to the Japanese viewers, but sadly, that’s what happens sometimes. Hopefully the notes will help anyone confused, and either way, you can see that her costume is based off of a peacock, and she can turn into a peacock… So maybe they’re connected?!


Okay, so, monster is fabulous, we get that. But what’s his thing? What does he do? Well, clearly he is the Duke of Cards, but it’s more in depth than that. He has a verbal tic, like many monsters do. In some cases, I’ve seen people leave out the tic. This case, though, was a special one. His tic is, ” de ojaru”. So, why not leave it out, or just put it at the end of every sentence as, ” de ojaru”? Because, fellow viewers, he uses it at the end as the name of his combination. If we leave it, we run the risk of ruining a very funny (depending on your sense of humor) joke.  So, what does “de ojaru” mean? Well, it’s a way to sound more polite. If we had to rank it, it is the way to try to sound most polite. In his case, since he’s a duke and all, we went liberal and went with the word “fancy.” Since it really is more of a posh way of talking. A fancy way, if you will. The best part of this, I would say, is finding ways to put it into the sentence and rework them into actual sentences, instead of them just being tacked onto the end of them. I hope you guys enjoy this character as much as I have!


1. kudosforce - June 3, 2013

Glad to see ya back on the saddle with some more Da Garn, Kira! ^_^ d All despite the possibility of Daisuki subbing it themselves depending on the results of the survey (Kou does know about that, right?).

sgtkira - June 3, 2013

I did not know of this! I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one translating it XD She has done official work before.

kudosforce - June 3, 2013

Wow, official? 😀 That would explain a lot, if it’s the case here (and hopefully it is, especially since a couple of folks from the subbing scene did get hired).

2. Johnny - June 4, 2013

Great! Thank you for Dairanger!

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