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[GUIS & H-S] Kakuranger 30-31 DVD released! June 30, 2013

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Kaku 30 DVD



MKV soft


Kaku 31 DVD



MKV soft


And here’s some more Kaku! It’s raining ninjas up in this nizzouse!… I will never say that again in my life. I’m sorry. So, today we have ourselves an amazing and not funny arc, actually. Kaku has gotten very serious as of late, so I have to try and throw in some very terrible comedy into my posts to try and stop the viewers from crying themselves to death as I have been when working on this show.  But in all seriousness, this is a great series, and if you haven’t jumped on yet, then you really should!


Lynx’s notes are under the cut, as always!

Episode 30 Notes

Guest star alert! The actor who plays Hakumenro the Tactician in this and future episodes is Godai Takayuki, who played Hiba Takayuki (Vul Eagle II) in Sun Vulcan. Takayuki went on to have a very successful career in the years after Sun Vulcan, including a recurring role in the popular Abarenbo Shogun samurai drama and a number of film and voice acting roles.


Episode 31 Notes

[07:50.68] Sasuke. Take the Thunder Sword, Hikarimaru!

The -maru suffix in the sword Hikarimaru’s name works the same way it does in the names Tsubasamaru and Nekomaru. “Hikari” simply means light, in this case probably a reference to the flash of lightning.

[10:49.95] Great Kakure Shogun stands defiant!

The word we’re translating as “stands defiant” is “suisan,” which is a tricky word to bring into English. It literally refers to rudely interrupting or barging in on someone, as with an unannounced visit. The nuance of its use here is that Great Kakure Shogun is “rudely interrupting” the evil activities of his foes, by standing heroically against them. Obviously, there’s other uses of “suisan” that one would translate very differently.




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