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[MC-HS] Da Garn 39 released! June 30, 2013

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Here we are, with some good ‘ol robots!

Da Garn is getting really awesome if you haven’t been watching, and we’re really close to the end! So sit back and enjoy giant robots doing giant robot things with children controlling them and funny things going on in the background.

Status on GoGo for this interested: I’ve been posting this around where people have been asking, like on the group’s facebook. Basically, it’s all about TL checks. Every translator needs them now and again, and GoGo is a hard series to look at sometimes. So, 17-19 are in checks. Other episodes will be too, when the time comes. There is work being done on those other episodes, though. So they shouldn’t be delayed other than checks.

Status on Geki: They’re being checked, and we should be putting one out very soon.


Da Garn 39


MKV soft


1. Chris - June 30, 2013

And Gingaman ?

sgtkira - June 30, 2013

That was an April Fool’s Joke D:

Chris - June 30, 2013

Well GekiKnight said you were working on Gingaman far before April 1st. And he(she) said it again recently. That’s why it’s confusing :p

sgtkira - July 6, 2013

Oh, that was to help with the joke. And he likes to joke a lot D:

Chris - July 8, 2013

Is it the first april fool jokes in the history wich was planned 4-5 months before April ?

sgtkira - July 9, 2013

Nope! Groups do things like that all the time, depending on how much work is put into the release.

2. kudosforce - June 30, 2013

Awesome! Nearly all done! 😀

Well, on a related note to sentai, I hope that Kou will be able to be finished with her output for Kaku et all soon enough to post the rest of the Da Garn scripts.

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