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[MC-HS] Da Garn 40, [Geki-Senshi] Gekiranger 2 DVD5 version released! July 8, 2013

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Da Garn 40: We’re getting there, aren’t we?! We’re rolling to the end, and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! But for this episode, enjoy Butcho and his… Butchians? Is that what we can call them?

Gekiranger: We finally were able to get this one checked and released. 3 and 4 should also be out within the month. There’s nothing that we can really note, but just as a reminder, there are two scripts for Gekiranger. One where everything is translated, and another that has key terms and phrases untranslated. We give you both scripts if you want them, and if you don’t, you can change then. So, we’re putting a list of terms from the episode under the cut. We’ll be doing this for every episode. We hope it helps you with your viewing experience.

A status update on the other Ultra series we are/were working on will be under the cut!

Also, in a completely unrelated note, please be on the look out for two very special releases this month. Have a Merry July, and look to the stars! And any notes are under the cut, as always!

Da Garn 40


MKV soft

Gekiranger 2 DVD5

Wildranger .ass

Gekiranger .ass

MKV soft

Here are the list of terms in Gekiranger 2 if you wish to change them:

Juken Sentai Gekiranger = Beast Fist Fighters Wildranger
Geki Juken = Wiqi Style
Geki Juken Beast Arts = Wiqi Style Beast Arts
Geki Waza = Wild Art
Juken Gattai = Beast Fist Formation
Geki Tohja = Wild Brawlord
Kensei = Sage
Rin Juken = Predatory Style
Rin Juken Aku Gata = Predatory Style Evil Arts
Rin Ju Den = Predatory Palace
Ringi = Predator Art

Rio = Leo

Baibai Bunshin Ken = Doubling Clone Fist
Mugen Reppa = Infinite Tides
Geki Tonfa/Nunchuks = Wild Tonfa/Nunchuks
Shin, Gi, Tai = Heart, Technique, Body
Geki Setsukon = Wild Triple Staff
Dai Gangan Ken = Great Firm Fist

Makirika = Ntisma

Return of Ultraman/Jack: We are worried that Shout Factory might pick this up. I thought it was a silly idea when they did Ultraseven, but now they plan on doing Ultra Q as well. So it’s only a matter of time, really. Now, they could easily not pick it up, but we’ll wait and see. We would hate to have our time wasted. We are going to upload the rest of the v2s when we get the chance, but other things have been eating away at our time.

Dyna: Ultraman stuff can be really hard. So we would need a translation checker before continuing Dyna. If there’s anyone interested, then please contact us. We would love to have you. Or, if someone has captions (Japanese subtitles, basically), that would help a lot as well.

Gaia: Waiting on the lovely Kou to post some more scripts. She’s busy with a lot of stuff, so we can wait


1. thegreenronin - July 8, 2013

Thanks in advance for all of your work on Geki. I was just curious where I can get the first ep of the new batch. I looked under downloads but didn’t see it there, only this, MKV DVD Episode 1, which doesn’t have a link. Thanks!

sgtkira - July 9, 2013

You can look at the tags on the main page. You’ll be able to find the Geki post from there. Sadly, I haven’t had the time to fix the links on the Downloads Page.

2. Chris - July 9, 2013

What happened to Ultraman Retsuden and Shin Ultraman Retsuden ?

planet man dan - July 9, 2013

Some anal retentives on 4chan went full retard picking apart some minor mistakes and the group apparently caved in and dropped the series. I only had the chance to download one of them 😦

sgtkira - July 9, 2013

No no no no no. They were right. See, every group has a chance of getting one thing wrong in a release, or just have people nitpicking because they think they can do better, when it’s really just editing stuff. At first, I thought it was the latter. I brought a translator friend to check the script, and he found a lot of errors. He doesn’t have the time to look over each and every script, especially since he feels it would have to be retranslated from the ground up. I’m going to make a post about it later, but all I’ll say now is that I am really, really sorry. I’m sorry that you had to download that and expect more.

sgtkira - July 9, 2013

They were taken down because of the amount of translation errors that were in the release. I am making a post about this some time today, and I am very sorry that this happened.

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