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A post about Ultraman Retsuden and Shin Retsuden. July 9, 2013

Posted by sgtkira in Uncategorized.

I want to apologize for the translation quality of this release. We will be dropping this show. I cannot believe this has happened, and I really have no way of showing you how completely terrible I feel. We normally would never release a script with this many translation errors in it. I hope you all can accept my apology and just be assured that this translator has only worked on Return of Ultraman, Dyna, Retsuden and Shin Retsuden, and will not be working on us anymore without someone else to supervise her work. I really want to apologize to everyone. I am just so, so sorry.

I put so much time and effort into editing this, and feel terrible that I couldn’t do anything about the translation, and that things have ended this way.
We will only be working on the shows we are currently working on and will not release anything new until we are assured that the translation is as good as it can be.

I hope you all can accept our apology and see that this isn’t how we want to do things. We want to get better with each and every release, not worse. We will never release anything with this amount of errors. Rest assured that everyone working with us does, in fact, know how to translate. Their work has been seen by other people, and other than the occasional nitpick or error in QC, they still are working on these shows and doing a great job with them.

Thank you all, and I hope you continue to watch our subs and don’t let this affect your viewing experience. I cannot apologize enough, and will probably be doing it for as long as I sub, when it comes to this release.


1. virushopper - July 10, 2013

In the mean time you can catch out three new episodes of Ultraman Max. https://tokuplex.blogspot.com

(Total shameless plug)

sgtkira - July 10, 2013

N-No! D-Don’t go watch it D: Nah but seriously go watch it guys.

2. 鋏ジャガー - July 12, 2013

No offense, but I think you’re totally overreacting to this. Translation errors in free fansubs are nowhere nearly as apocalyptic as some douchebags out there claim they are, because they are FREE fansubs, and nobody actually PAID MONEY for them, and thus have no real ethical ground to stand on. Worst case scenario, someone watches a less than perfect translation of a show, and then has to watch a better translation of it somewhere down the line. Oh the horror! Personally, I started out watching HK subs which ranged from decent to barely decipherable, and it has had absolutely NO EFFECT on whether or not I enjoyed a show, or gained a new appreciation for it when I saw a better translated version of it later on. The saddest thing about all of this is the fact that groups like Onore-TVN are now making groups paranoid that if they make a mistake(regardless of how trivial or subjective the translation choice is, if it doesn’t perfectly adhere to the personal taste of their ONE resident translator then it is wrong) they are going to have internet morons up their ass about it. But then again, Hikari-Senshi ISN”T TVN, so you probably don’t have anything top worry about. I’m under this name on the /m/subs forum, so by all means feel free to flame me, I’m too busy actually WORKING on shows to care.

sgtkira - July 14, 2013

The reason why we posted this post was simply because of how it happened. I don’t want to get into it any further on the blog, but if you have any questions about this situation then please feel free to PM me on /m/subs. I will not flame you on this, because you have your opinion.

Fansubs are free, but people still have to put their time into watching them. No sub group is ever perfect, and people will always find things to complain about, but this wasn’t a stylistic issue like honorifics or translating the names of giant robots. If it was, I would have stuck behind the choices. This is a matter of being right or wrong. When you’re given a translation, you have to assume that what you’re reading is accurate. If you’re a fan of the property we’re subbing and you don’t understand Japanese, you’re trusting that our subs are accurate to what the creators intended. That’s a responsibility that we take rather seriously, and we don’t want to betray that trust.

Regarding your experiences with HK subs, I’m really glad that the translation quality doesn’t bother you, but there are -many- documented examples of HK subs being totally unwatchable — I know a number of people, one of our translators included, who watches them strictly in a sort of sadomasochistic “how can this be so wrong?” way.

3. Daigo Madoka - July 13, 2013

Are you going to translate Ultraman Ginga?

sgtkira - July 13, 2013

No, we are not.

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