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[H-S] GoGoV 17 released and an Announcement! April 1, 2014

Posted by sgtkira in gogo v.

Hey, guys. It’s been a while, but I’m back. I know I’ve been gone for a while, and I’m sorry about that. It was some personal stuff that I had to take care of. Usually it’s school or something along those lines that keeps me away, but this time it was bigger than that. I’ll just keep it at that. The point is that we’re coming back, and we’re going to take things slow. GoGo V will be released once a week until I get back into the swing of things. I’ll answer a few questions about certain shows right here, since I see you’ve been asking! If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to comment on this post and you will be answered to the best of my ability.

Kakuranger – Where is that, you ask? GUIS is still continuing the project here, and I support them doing it 100%! Kaku is one hell of a show, and I cannot wait to watch their version!

Da Garn – Oh, you haven’t heard? MCS finished the last few episodes in our absence. Take a look at it here. It’s getting really good!

Gyrozetter – It’s still happening, but people get busy. We’ll see what happens when it happens.

Goggle-V – So this is a special case of, “Oh God we need Japanese scripts. The sound in this show can be really bad sometimes. Please air in Japan so we can have Japanese scripts? Thank you, Japan.”
Now, onto the episode! We have a very cute episode about a little girl and Matoi… getting married?! Find out what happens on this episode of GoGoV! Thank you guys for watching.


HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! The REAL GoGoV script is coming up now. See if you can spot the differences!


GoGoV 17 DVD


MKV soft


1. Zer-O - April 2, 2014

nice to see ya back, and as the old saying goes shit happens, so since MC has finished Da Garn does that mean you’ll attempt a different brave anime or not?

sgtkira - April 2, 2014

We will not be, no.

Zer-O - April 2, 2014

well that’s a shame, guess I’ll just have to keep hunting around then, well would you know if the group chou mendoukusai is still around and kicking with brave command dagwon?

KudosForce - April 2, 2014

(replying to a comment of yours below) Unfortunately, C-M haven’t budged in ages, so your best chance might be to ask Universal-Quantifier about it once he’s finished with Ideon.

Zer-O - April 3, 2014

so chances are they’re either dead (as a group) or just vanished into thin air

2. KudosForce - April 2, 2014

Whoa, didn’t expect this at all (especially on April Fools)! I’m glad to see that you’ve somehow escaped the subninjas’ clutches, Kira. It’s also nice that you’re taking baby steps in terms or priorities, given how some groups are doing these days.

That said, any chances of picking the Dairanger V2s back up at some point? Also, what will be done with Boukenger if Aesir don’t do anything about it?

By the way, seconding Zer-O’s Brave Series-related question.

sgtkira - April 2, 2014

Dairanger v2s will happen when there is a firm handle on GoGoV releases, and I will speak to Magenta about Boukenger as soon as I possibly can.

Chris - April 5, 2014

It would be cool to see more Boukenger. And the link for episode of 2 of Boukenger is dead. I think the download page need an update lol.

3. awesomejayrobin - April 2, 2014

will the Dai v2’s be uploaded to Mega since some of them have broken links now?

sgtkira - April 2, 2014

Yes they will.

4. champstice - April 2, 2014

Good to know you’re back! Though April 1st probably was not the most optimum time to make a return

5. BigAl - April 2, 2014

Holy cow! I’m glad you are okay, I was really worried after this place hadn’t been updated for so long.

I will continue to wait for Gyrozetter.

6. champstice - April 3, 2014

Oh, one other question: Is this release using the new dvd9 raws Fortmax encoded, or is it the old dvd5s?

7. catwhowalksbyhimself - April 4, 2014

Nice to see you back! I’ve already emailed you about continuing QC work if you like. Just glad to see you back in any case.

8. Ataru320 - April 13, 2014

If you need help with Goggle V, I’ve seen the series and the audio’s really not that bad. (well at least the Bunny Hat version) It’s probably not going to be perfect but if you need help then I can try something.

9. Chris - May 11, 2014

So… No new episodes since April 1st…

10. BigAl - May 11, 2014

That’s the real joke. Haha..ha?

11. KamenWeaver - May 11, 2014

Yea I’m officially of the impression that this was a joke, a sick joke, but still a joke

12. sliat - May 25, 2014

It’d be nice if he could just confirm this and say “April Fool’s”. I’m officially displeased, and I’ve taking it that this means Gyrozetter is dead.

13. catwhowalksbyhimself - June 3, 2014

I had several email conversations that indicated that he had something up for release the following week and I had plans to continue doing QC with him, so I’m pretty sure this was no joke. He’s just gone again.

kudosforce - July 9, 2014

Why am I not surprised…

At the very least, he could finish releasing Kakuranger. GUIS have practically gone lethargic, these days.

kudosforce - July 10, 2014

Whoop, scratch that, looks like they finally made a recovery.

14. BigAl - June 6, 2014

Don’t leave us ;_;

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