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[HON & H-S] Dairanger 6-9 DVD, Movie Blu-Ray! [MC-HS] Da Garn 38, [H-S] Decade bumpers 1-4 released! June 3, 2013

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So, back with some releases! Things should go smoother from now on, though it depends. Our main translator for GoGo, and our new TL checker for Geki (which is fantasy, for both), is in Japan. He can still work on things, but he is working there, so things may get a bit wonky. I do have the summer off, so I can still work on things on my end.

These Dai episodes were great to look over again. You have the introduction to the Mythical Qi Beasts, then you have a major plot stuff involving Ryou, and THEN, you have the introduction of a brand new character! Episodes like this are why I love Dai.

This movie, man. This. Freaking. Movie. Okay, so, we have ourselves a fabulous monster this week. This monster makes the village people look like businessmen in suits. Seriously, though, I love this guy. So, so much. And I hope you love him too. Sure, it’s a tiny, probably non-canon adventure with the Dai crew, but it really was a fun ride.

About Da Garn: Happy that I found the time to pump this one out. It’s really gettin’ good, and I can’t wait to look at 39 so we can get that out for you guys! Hope you’re likin’ it!

The Decade bumpers are just a little thing. Nothing major, but cool little stuff that I would really like to see put out more often.

And if anyone’s wondering, GoGo 17-19 are having a few lines TL checked! 19 is in the editing stages, and various other eps have had their lines TL checked already, which is a very good thing. We have a new TL checker for Geki, as I mentioned above, and he checked over episode 1 again (and it was perfect). There’s talk of getting DVD9 RAWs for Geki, but we won’t let that stop our releasing anymore. We’ve stopped for that reason in the past, and it really gets us nowhere. So right now fantasy is looking over episode 2 when he can, and we are going to release it, even if we don’t have the DVD9 RAWs.

Also, notes are under the cut!


[H-S] GoGoV 16 DVD & [HON & H-S] Dairanger 5 DVD released! March 4, 2013

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We were missing from the scene last week because of the evils of the educational system, but we’re back and ready with two awesome releases for you guys! 16 was especially Satan-tastic, with all of the puns and some old-timey speak thrown in there. We made notes of a few things and they’re underneath the links, as always, so read on if you’re interested! Regarding the plot of the episode, I absolutely loved it. The little references they have to previous episodes is great, and I love some of the tropes that are used in this episode. They really made me laugh during this episode, because while I’ve seen comedic elements in this show, I can’t say that there’s actually been an episode that has fully focused on it. It’s funny, because when I asked fantasy (the translator) to look into it, he told me that the head writer for the series is Junki Takegami. He was also the head writer for Megaranger, Gaoranger, and Go-onger. The writer for this episode? Kobayashi. Oh, you don’t know who that is? She was the head writer on Gingaman, Timeranger, Ryuki, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Den-O, Shinkenger, OOO, AND Go-busters. I’m a big fan of her work, so I understand why I liked the episode.

Regarding Dairanger, we actually lucked out in terms of translation. There was only one little thing to note  (which will be at the bottom.) In regards to the episode itself, I like the little seeds of plot they left scattered about. Did Daigo and Rin make the first ever online slash fanfiction? Is the monster of the week tsundere for Rin? And is Dragon Star-Lord a really depressed dragon? Find out next, on “Mighty Morphin’ Chineserangers!”

Also, sadly, no Kakuranger this week.


[H-S] GoGoV 15 DVD, [HON & H-S] Dairanger 4 DVD, and [Aesir_H-S] Boukenger 7 DVD released! February 21, 2013

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So, life gave us a break, and what did we do? We… just did more work D: Ah well. Anyway, Magenta was able to throw this Bouken at me yesterday, and we had 2 other releases close to completion. We should still have something out by Sunday, but GoGoV 16 is being a bit problematic. It should work by Sunday, though. If not, then you’ll still have Dairanger and something else released as well. Now, onto the episode discussion!

GoGoV 15 is actually one of the best episodes I’ve seen so far. This episode finds a great balance between comedy and serious-ness. It made me laugh, but still delivered the plot, and makes this episode one to remember.

Dai 4 was the end of the first 2 parter in the series. Well, I lie. You could say the first 2 eps were a 2 parter, but 2 was its own plot, and only took the first few minutes to wrap up ep 1.  Either way, this is a great episode because it shifts from a Daigo focus ep to a team one, and gives some great history on China and the Daos civilization. I’ll put the notes under the links.

Bouken 7… I know, right? So, I might be in love with Magenta, and it might be an abusive relationship. Whenever he leaves me dry, whenever he leaves me without hope, with despair, he just shows me his Boukenger .ass and I’m back in. Nah, but seriously, I really liked this episode, a good mix of backstory and FORESHADOWING. What kind, you ask? Well… watch the episode!

The torrents are coming soon!


[H-S] GoGoV 14 DVD, [HoN & H-S] Dairanger 2-3 DVD version released! February 18, 2013

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Looks like things are getting back on track. School is letting up a bit, so we’ve been able to work on a bit more GoGoV behind the scenes, as well as some other stuff. The weeklies have been unaffected, but other else has ended up suffering, sadly. But, hey, we got three awesome releases for ya’, and I hope you like ’em!

GoGoV was really great this week. I love that the show is trying to get involved with computers and all this junk and it’s only 1999. Looking back at it now, doesn’t it look all dated? Not bad, but dated, definitely.

I really liked Dai 2. You get your first look at the Gorma and their wacky human sacrificing hijinks. Oh Gorma, y u so Niidoro Budoro? Oh, speaking on Niidoro Budoro! Well, actually, I’ll mention more of this under the links. Just so you don’t read these notes before watching the actual episode.

Dai 3 is a Daigo focus AND a 2 parter. It’s actually the first 2 parter in the show. Dai relies on these a lot, but I think they’re really worth it because of the episode length. Even if there’s a 4 parter, it only ends up being an hour and 20 minutes, but an ENTIRE arc  just went on. I really like this set up, and it’s a bit sad we aren’t able to see it nowadays because a 4 or even a 6 parter would be about 4-6 hours. Torrent is coming whenever we can we can get it up.


[HoN & H-S] Dairanger 1 DVD, [Geki-Senshi] Gekiranger 1 DVD, [MC-HS] Da Garn DVD 15, & [H-S] RoU 5 have been released! January 14, 2013

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Busy translation checkers this week make Hikari Senshi not release GoGoV. Everything should be back to normal next week.

There’s going to be a lot to note for Dairanger 1. So read along under the download links if you’re interested!

Gekiranger, ho boy. Lots to note here. Gonna copy/paste some from the promo, since people may not have read it (or even downloaded the promo), and they may want to know some thing before watching the full episode. They’re gonna be under the links!

Da Garn is normal. Sexy, and normal. Things are starting to pick up (if you’ve only been watching the DVD RAWs), either way, it’s awesome.

Return of Ultraman had a very good episode this week. Also, some trivia.     Gudon and Twin-Tail are referred to as ancient enemies, which continues in their appearance for Mebius, plus they also appeared in Ultra Galaxy, both the TV series and movie.

Dairanger 1 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Gekiranger 1 DVD

Wildranger .ass | Gekiranger .ass | MKV soft

Da Garn 15 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Return of Ultraman 5

.ass | MKV soft


[H-S] GoGoV 13 DVD, [HoN & H-S] Dairanger 00 DVD, [Geki-Senshi] Gekiranger 00 DVD, [MC-HS] Da Garn 13-14 DVD, & RoU 4 are out! January 6, 2013

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GoGoV 13 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Dairanger 00 DVD

.ass | MKV soft

Gekiranger 00 DVD

Wildranger .ass | Gekiranger . ass | MKV soft

Da Garn DVD

13 – .ass | MKV soft

14 – .ass | MKV soft

RoU 4

.ass | MKV soft