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Some people have came up to us and asked about donations. Well, I don’t want your money. It’s nice, really it is, but people would donate for certain things and if they only donate a dollar to GoGoV DVDs, let’s say, then if no one else donates then we have to add our own money in there anyway. We could do that, but donations are made for things a group can’t buy themselves, so no reason to mix money like that. There are a few ways you can help out, and it would require no monetary cost to you, and you will be able to keep any DVDs that you have bought for yourself.

1. DVDs/ISOs. Many of our RAWs are pub RAWs (public source). Normally, the encoding method is rather questionable. Which is why we have crappy GoGoV RAWs. Sometimes, the encodes aren’t even from DVD but are TV rips. We can use these, definitely, but clearly they are crap. If you have original DVDs (labeled DVD9s on the internet), or even DVD5s (shrunken DVD9s), then please message us and we can have a nice email discussion and see where to go from there. Please no AVIs or any other kind of format unless we say that we have nothing else. The files that you have are probably the ones that we’ve found. We are looking specifically for DVD rips with the ISOs intact. I will list the things that we are in possession of a bit lower in this post.

2. Your time. You could actually join the group and try to time things for us (it’s the easiest thing and doesn’t take a lot of time once you get used to it). You could even come over and translate for us, though that is a bit more time consuming and I’m sure you’re very busy as we are.

3. Patience. This sounds extremely stupid. I even feel all cheesy while writing this, but sometimes people don’t get that we are just like you. We’re just as busy as you are, maybe even more! But we do these shows because we love them, and many of these shows would never even be picked up without some group getting out there and doing it, regardless of pace. So please be patient and understand that I am willing to admit when a show is dead. And I mean COMPLETELY dead. So if it’s not on the Hiatus list, then it’s still ongoing. It’s just that people are busy. And remember that if another group is being slow, we are actually waiting on their subs. I’m waiting to see some sexy Decade from Mega, Car from Haro, Time from O-T, and Aba from MCS, but I’m just sitting here waiting, and trying to sub some other shows myself. So just remember that!

Things we have in DVD9:

Dairanger COMPLETE

Boukenger COMPLETE



Kamen Rider Decade COMPLETE

Shaider disc 1 & 10 (Each volume has 2 discs. There are 5 volumes, but because of this case, we can’t just put down volume like the others)

Kakuranger COMPLETE



Things we have in DVD5:

Zubat COMPLETE (But DVD9 would be nice)

Gekiranger COMPLETE (But DVD9 would be nice)

Shaider discs 2-9 (Each volume has 2 discs. There are 5 volumes, but because of this case, we can’t just put down volume like the others)

Things we don’t have:

Whatever wasn’t on the list, but is on our “Being worked on list”, is what we need.



1. shuaib786 - November 16, 2013

So how do i send you guys raws?

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