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We’re just people with some time on our hands. Personally, I want to bring these shows to the fans, and being a fan myself, it  would be nice to see these too. I hope you can enjoy our subs, and possibly help us out with them one day. We are always looking for new members, all help is appreciated and welcomed. Thank you all for watching, and have a nice day.


1. Favine - July 18, 2011

Hey this is Favine from Rajio Nihon. We want to network with your group. hit me up.

sgtkira - July 19, 2011

Sure. You guys got an email? I was going to post on your facebook, but I didn’t know if I wanted all the fans to see my account lol

2. Gargusglover - July 25, 2011

Man…I was looking for Gogo V subbed for months (maybe years…lol), and u have some new stuff i`ve never seen subbed (france five, for instance). Well, THANK YOU and keep going! You have all my suport (cheering…that`s all i can do…lol)

sgtkira - July 25, 2011

You can also help out too if you’d like! (You don’t have too, just saying that you can support us in other ways too ^^)

3. Ryuken - August 3, 2011

I have a problem to GoGo episode, because i don’t find AVI version for ep 8 and 9. Links multiupload these mkv version, i will be patient and thank guys for your works in this series sentai.

sgtkira - August 3, 2011

Yeah we weren’t able to release the AVI version with the MKV this week, so expect them later on tonight along with the .ass files.

4. sean-o-tron - August 18, 2011

I’m a random stranger from the internet, and I’d like to help! I am good for timing, editing, or good old QC. Who can I contact and where?

5. black rize - August 18, 2011

i enjoy very much what you do(i’m a big fan of Zubat and GoGoV)
i’m frensh and perhaps i can help to translate France Five if it’s needed.
If you’r interested let me know,i’m already a traductor for a frensh team so i know aegisub and all.
It’ll be glad to participate to one of you’r project^^

All the best!!

6. LightningZLaser - September 5, 2011

Hi do you know how to get the chinese subtitles in text format from Ultraman Dyna? I can help you translate them if you manage to find them. Thanks 🙂

sgtkira - September 6, 2011

I know that there are Chinese hardsubs for some Dyna episodes, but I do not have the kind of keyboard to make them into a sub file. And I assume you would be able to read them, but do you know any Japanese? Because I am wary of translating some into English that was already translated into Chinese if neither of us know the Japanese language.

LightningZLaser - September 6, 2011

I don’t know any Japanese but I know basic Chinese (just need a dictionary to read some words but enough to be able to translate a sentence fully). Btw do you know any good and easy program to use to write subtitles? I can try to write one for episode 2.

sgtkira - September 6, 2011

There’s aegisub. And you don’t have to do that for us, really. I know how things can get lost in translation, and I really don’t feel safe unless we also have a Japanese translator helping us to make sure that nothing was lost from Japanese-Chinese-English. Those hardsubs are a good idea for easy timing though! (either use SubRip to rip them, or it’s easy easy to just time from them).

LightningZLaser - September 6, 2011

Oh ok, because I’m just eager to watch it with english subtitles, but it seems that there is not a single fully translated one on the internet. So I decided to translate it from Chinese (its my second language, but I can’t watch it with Chinese subtitles because I don’t understand some words). I’m not sure when you will find a Japanese translator which might take quite a long time.

sgtkira - September 6, 2011

You could just do it so you could watch it yourself (break out the dictionary). And it will probably take a long time, but it will be pretty awesome when the day comes 🙂

7. Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - September 22, 2011

Hey, Big fan of your Kakuranger subs. Been looking for a good quality sub of this one for at least a year and I’m glad to have found your group. I look forward to your next Kakuranger update and may even check out some of your other subs.

Until the next time true believer… LT OUT

sgtkira - September 22, 2011

Thanks. Can’t wait to get another Kaku out. And you should at least try something, we have a lot of first eps out so you can at least get the taste of an Ultra or something else.

Chris Malone (@Lt_Cmdr_Radner) - September 23, 2011

Checked out a couple of other subs, watching old sentai is kinda tough since I always flash to its PR counter part save Kakuranger and Dairanger. As for Ultraman… I have to say that 4Krap ruined the series for me with their god awful Tiga dub. I have yet to check out Da Garn which looks cool. Anyway thanks for for the welcome and break a leg with your updates.

Until next time true believer… LT OUT

8. Devontae Barnett - October 9, 2011

Hey I was wondering if you guys had any QCing postions open for any of your active projects?

sgtkira - October 10, 2011

Sadly no, BUT you can be a timer! We need those. Lots of those 😛

9. Zer-O - December 12, 2011

hey just curious but how would I go about requesting an anime for subbing?

10. blitzblotz - January 23, 2012

What would it take to convince you to sub Ultraman Leo and Ultra Q? I’d add Mirrorman in there, but I think i’d die before that happened. I can provide dvd’s if needed and more.

sgtkira - January 23, 2012

Having a translator who is interested in those shows work with us. Right now the TL for Jack is quite busy, so that’s why she’s just doing Jack (and maybe another show, but she’s too busy so it’s just Jack for now)

11. blitzblotz - January 23, 2012

Thanks for Jack, btw. Great to see it subbed!

12. BO - March 9, 2012

hi i want to buy all the ultraman leo in dvd in english or chinese. do any of you know where i can go online to buy it

sgtkira - March 10, 2012

Yep. I’d say go either to yesasia or playasia. Not sure if they’d have it in those languages though, but I know they have R3s (Hong Kong Region Code) for a lot of Ultra shows, so they may have Leo as well.

13. Bo - March 10, 2012

thanks i’ll try them both, i just need to buy it for my little brother for his birthday, he is a big ultraman leo fan

sgtkira - March 11, 2012

Aw, good luck with that man!

14. Chykin - May 13, 2012

Why don’t you allw KRDL.info to host your stuff? It’s not like he makes money off it or anything.

sgtkira - May 22, 2012

We just don’t want them on there for now. If jumbofiles dies, then I think it would be best to use his site from then on.

15. K - January 8, 2013

I got one question why is the OP to Dairanger 50 not there meaning translated like the rest are

sgtkira - January 8, 2013

It is because we decided that for that one, we would post the name of the actors there as a tribute to them. We weren’t able to do it with 1-49 because they would be cluttering up the screen, but we wanted to do something special for the final episode.

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